Mii and My Wii Fit Progress

Those of you waiting for Chapter 2 of that saga will have to wait no more but the ending is not all that exciting. I decided that all that anger is not good for me and I moved on. Actually, I moved up and made something bigger, better and ultimately am more proud of. My good friend no such person and I thought it would be a much more valuable to start a community that focused on the whole family and not  just one way to lose weight. There is no right/wrong way and what works for me may not work for you. So, we brought together like minded parents and are just supporting each other with stories, hints, and love. For me, I still really like my Wii Fit but it is certainly not the end all, be all of weight loss strategies. It is one tool that I like to use. So, for those of you dying to meet ‘mii’ and see how I am doing on it, go over to We Fit Families and see more pictures I just posted. I am going to update by progress in pictures over there from now on.

Got My Wii Fit This Week!

I am having an absolute blast on my Wii Fit! I bought a pretty pink yoga mat and silicone cover for it and it just makes me feel so pretty using it! The boys don’t even mind the pink as they are having a blast on it too!

The first time you log on you do a body test which gives you your Wii Fit. Drumroll please….33! That is three years younger than I really am. Sadly, it told me I was overweight, and plumped my little mommy mii out. But I was thrilled with my age. I set my goals to lose 20 pounds in two months. Very doable I think. I love the hula hoop ans super hula hoop games. You can really feel it in your sides the next day. I have a record of little over 300. Not bad for 6 days of using it. The yoga is great to do because it really makes sure that your core stays inline. I also love the tilt game for balance. We have been pretty competitive in our house with that game.

In other news, I started a new forum for fitness. It is called We Fit Families and the focus is all on helping to make families healthier in the new year! My theory is-the family that plays together, stays together!