Six Pounds Down and One Sick Kiddo

Just a quickie update here. Weighed in at boot camp this AM. I am six pounds down which I am very proud of. Especially when you take into account how sick Carter has been. This is usually the time I EAT and I haven’t binged. The only bad thing I put in my mouth all week was a Big Mac and you know, I really didn’t even enjoy it. The bodybugg is really helping me to be aware of what I am putting in my body and how much I am burning. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Had to take Carter back into the hospital yesterday because he just got real sick again all of a sudden. They are scheduling more tests. I think it is a combination of things personally and I think the infection is just a symptom of something more.

I was super proud of myself though because instead of hitting Dairy Queen as a way to cope I went to a 90 minute yoga class instead.

I guess I am finally starting to take care of myself. I hope it lasts and that this isn’t just a phase. I hope Carter gets better and not worse as I fear may happen. I know it only takes so much before yoga loses out to Dairy Queen.

Love ya all! Thanks for all the well wishes….