Welcome To Twitter Junior High

Twitter is starting to remind me of Junior High School. In the last few months I have seen the craziest things occur on twitter and just shook my head and walked away thinking “i need to post about this one day”. Apparently the universe decided today was that day.

Yesterday I worked all day on a campaign that was near and dear to my heart. I worked well beyond what I was paid to do because I was passionate about the cause.

This morning I wake up from an email from a friend of mine telling me that people contacted her about issues with this campaign. She was in no way involved in the campaign so why the hell she was brought into this I have no idea but apparently people are now deeming her the Principal at Twitter Junior High.

So, as I explained to the Principal I will now explain to you. YES, last night I gave a prize away to twitter account owned by my co-host. I HAD NO IDEA SHE OWNED THAT ACCOUNT! Yes, she replied with a thank you because SHE WASN’T SURE WHAT TO DO IN THE HEAT OF THE PARTY. She called me right after the party with “Houston, we have a problem”. We decided we would reaward it today.End of story we thought.

But apparently a bunch of people ran to the Principal to tell on us.

Seriously??? Seriously???

No dm to me? No email to me? No tweet to me? WHY?

Do people honestly think I would stake a reputation I have had online for almost 10 years to give  her a branded tote and mug? Come on people. If you don’t know the blogger business yet let me clue you in….we have more branded products than we know what to do with it. They arrive everyday in our mailboxes. I am not devaluing the prize but my co-host needs this like she needs a hole in her head!

Lets clear some thing else up while I am at it. Yes, I own multiple twitter handles. All of my sites have their own handle. They are clearly branded as sites and can be checked against my portfolio. So does my co-host. I just didn’t know she had the one I awarded the prize to. She uses that one to give away awards she finds. Sort of nice of her, don’t ya think?

Yes, our clients know we have these accounts. It is no big secret. Yes, it inflates tweet counts, DUH! Your point is??? If you are donating to a charity and the client is aware extra accounts are used to spread main messaging, isn’t that a GOOD thing?

In December I held a food drive charity twitter party and was attacked because some people determined the food to not be as nutritious or organic as they would like. Seriously???? You are bagging on a FOOD DRIVE? Let the people receiving it decide if it is OK for them. My kids love that product.

In December, Twitter Junior High also saw the horrible attack on Military_Mom after she tweeted about her sons drowning. There has already been enough said on that tragic subject.

September was the attack on the my blogging friends who were invited to Nestle and then were literally crucified on twitter for it.

Twitters terms of service do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play in the US so why are so many people acting like they are still in Junior High?

I hated Junior High and I have no intention of letting my part of twitter turn into it.

You have a problem with me? I am not hard to get a hold of. Tell me, not the teacher or the principal or talk behind my back.

Have a problem with someone else? Talk to them! Don’t start a huge campaign on twitter about it.

Can’t we all just get along?

Here is your chance to talk to me. Leave me a comment!

My TweepML Lists

A while ago twitter introduced the concept of lists. I don’t like them. The reason is simple. You can’t follow each person on the list without a lot of hassle. Today for some reason I decided to check out TweepML again after looking at it last month. I discovered that you can very quickly import a twitter list into TweepML and create a list that is very simple for people to follow.

This is what a list looks like:

For those of you just getting started on twitter or those looking for some great people to follow here are three of my lists:

Caution: Don’t follow them all the same day and you may want to break the People Who Twitter Party list up or else you will get an error that your account is temporarily suspended from twitter. It isn’t really. From what I can tell that is the error message you get on TweepML when trying to follow too many people in too short a time period.

Also, if you think you should be added to any of those lists let me know by using this on the right hand side of the list page:

My one complaint with TweepML is that the process of adding those people that are suggested is tedious. You get an email with each one and you have to manually enter it. I will probably add them in bulk rather than one by one cause I just don’t have the extra time to do it any other way.

What is Twitter?

and why am I so obsessed with it?


I realized that I have two very distinct group of friends, those who get social media and those who have no clue what I am talking about. If you are in the ‘get it’ group you can stop reading now. This is to those of you who have no idea what twitter is, why I tweet, or what the heck a tweet even is.

Social media is a term used for sites where people interact and share things on the web. I started in social media as a way to share my websites with others. My first venture was stumble upon. I still love stumble upon but it is not nearly as interactive as twitter. About a year ago I started playing with twitter. At first, I totally didn’t get it. I sort of used it like stumble upon (a way to share links) but I began to realize it is so much more. It is a way to quickly interact with the world. The other day I was bicycle shopping with Bob and it was taking forever! So, I started tweeting from my iphone about how I may impale myself on the handlebars if it doesn’t end soon and sure enough, 30 seconds later I get a tweet back from a twitter ‘friend’ in Tehran sympathizing. OK, seriously, I would think someone in Tehran could care less about my bicycle shopping experiences right now but how surreal is that? Twitter is a super fast conversation with the world.

Critics of twitter claim that they don’t have time in their day to read what 1,ooo’s of people are eating for dinner and such minutia and I agree but the thing is that those tweets (the message sent on twitter) scroll by so fast that you barely notice and honestly, sometimes I do now care cause darn, it sounds good.I have connected with so many people via twitter that have become real life friends. I credit it with making my move to Denver easier. There is a huge social media (specifically twitter) community and we do get together quite often either for happy hours or charity events. It is a very supportive community.

Twitter has helped me professionally as well. As you probably know, I hold monthly twitter parties. It is a chance to get together virtually and socialize. They are a blast and I would dare say, an anticipated event for some. We do some amazing giveaways during the parties. I have connected with companies and PR reps that I probably never would have had the chance to if it were not for twitter. For example, last month I had the chance to meet some great bloggers that I admire courtesy of a trip to Oscar Mayer headquarters. Companies are on twitter and for the most part they are listening to us. What a valuable chance to have a two way conversation with a brand you care about.
icon_facebookFacebook is another social media outlet that I use. My friend Jason said it best yesterday though. Facebook is like virtual yearbook where most people connect on a smaller, more personal scale. I don’t really care too much for facebook though. I probably just don’t ‘get it’  but  I prefer the fast paced, 140 character world of twitter.

So, in a nut shell, that is what twitter is, why I use it and why I think you should too. Twitter is addictive though so be careful and another warning, don’t just hop on and expect people to start talking to you right away. Twitter is a conversation and just like at a real life party, you need to make connections.

I am @chaotic_barb on twitter so if you get started, follow me, send me a message and I will try to help you meet some more twitter friends.

On the side you should be able to connect with me on lots of social media sites. Please do :)