Top 10 Posts of 2009

I saw this idea on Mandy’s site and loved it. What a great way to recap all that has gone on at this blog this year. So, according to Lijit, these are my top ten posts of 2009. Happy re-reading!

The following 5 posts are all tied for the top spot so here they are in date order:

  1. Food Bank of the Rockies-Not really a big surprise here. I had a lot of great blogging friends with wonderful readerships help spread the word on this. By the way, you can still make the promise and comment until the end of the year! Please do!
  2. PR Peeps I Recommend-Thanks to the wonderful reactions to some of these PR posts, I plan to team up with The Blog Frog in 2010 to post more helpful advice to those looking to increase their pr visibility.
  3. Making Another Teachers Day Better-this was a blast to team up with Office Max on. I loved being able to help local teachers get the supplies they needed.
  4. Fraboom Live-Very cool software company I got to work with this year. To be honest though, sort of confuzzled on how this post made the top ten.
  5. Come Along, Enjoy the Fun as I Poison My Family-Inspired by a meeting with Paula Deen. This post started the new UnFoodie category here. This has just been a blast and some of my favorite posts making fun of myself!
  6. My Favorite Photo-Happy others enjoyed this great photo of Carter as much as I did.
  7. Dear *insert PR name here*-an unusually snarky post I made one day when I had too many crappy pitches to count. Sparked a good discussion and I do link people to it occasionally. I did hear that a PR firm I work with passed it around with the good intention of not having their people make these mistakes. Glad I could help!
  8. If I Knew Then…-An anniversary letter to my husband and myself 16 years later. I have to say, I think this is my favorite blog post of the year.
  9. Finding PR Contacts-Glad this one helped people out too!
  10. How Not to Make Rice Crispy Treats-part of the UnFoodie series. This is actually my moms goof. Glad everyone enjoys laughing along with us at the mayhem and mistakes in my kitchen.