My Favorite Science Gifts

Oh my! I am such a slacker! A few weeks ago (ok, maybe more than a few) I received another AWESOME package from Steve Spangler Science full of goodies from their holiday gift guide.

Here is what was in my box when I opened it:

Galileo Thermometer & Barometer

I absolutely, positively love this. We have it set up in the living room. It came with great instructions on how to set it up. The kids are having a lot of fun comparing this to the digital weather station we have. I was really excited about it because we have long called Carter our little barometer as the weather change often sets off a shunt headache for him. We are using this to compare the changes with his headaches. Plus, it just looks so cool!

Mentos Geyser Tube

Steve also sent me over the new depth charge for the mentos geyser as well as the traditional release contraption he first came out with. We had a lot of fun with both but prefer the new depth charge one. It essentially sinks the mentos to the bottom for the explosion to start.

Air Burst Rockets

Incredibly high shooting rocket. It can fly 600 feet in the air. Need I say more? If there is a more perfect toy for boys, I don’t what it would be. We had to take it to the park around the corner. I didn’t get video of my kiddos with it but this one from the boys at Steve’s office is pretty amazing:

Boom Splat Kablooey – Klutz Book

This one is under the tree. Shhhh…….

Disclosure: As noted Steve Spangler Science provided me with these products to review at no charge. I do truly, truly love Steve Spangler Science which is why I write about them as I often as I do:)

5 Nights, 5 States Road Trip

OK, the title is a little more dramatic than it actually was but we did have a hoot and hollarin time as we circled most of the great Southwest.

roadtrip map

The trip started with some VERY d(icey) road conditions through the Rocky Mountains. From the Foothills to Vail we were on ice a good part of the way. A family in a suburban in front of us figure-eighted off the road first, they w056ere fine but shaken up. Next came the flipped over semi truck, and then two big Ford trucks went into each other. I have never seen Bob so white knuckled. For him to actually want to get out of the car to shake it off in Vail, you know he was nervous. After Vail the ice disappeared but we were met with one more obstacle before Grand Junction: a fallen boulder smashing a concrete pillar. I swear, it was just like being in a video game from hell! From Utah on it was easy sailing though. 14 hours later we pulled into Green Valley Ranch by our old home in Vegas. PHHHHEEEWWWW! We headed straight for the bar and buffet! GVR’s buffet has really changed. $80 is soooo not worth it!

I enjoyed some yummy breakfast the next morning with Cindy at the Original Pancake House and we were off to play with the Luna’s shortly after. Connor had an absolute ball running around the old neighborhood. It felt so good to see him so happy with his friends again. We were able to go to a halloween party with our old homeschool group and I had a ball talking with Elizabeth, Tara, Darlene, Stephanie and Paula again! It was so nice to reconnect. We brought some cool science stuff from Steve Spangler to share with our friends at the party.


But, after some really fun times with friends it was time to hit the road again. We had to re-route home because of the crazy storm that hit Colorado that week. So, we left Vegas and headed to the Grand Canyon. Once there, Bob pulled a Clark Griswold and we left ASAP. Even though it was three hours out of the way, I am glad we went. Connor was really interested in the canyon statistics and the boys willing bought and watched a documentary about it during the trip home.

We crawled into Albequerqe at 9:45, with just 15 minutes to spare to get some take out from Sadies Mexican food. Next morning we were back on the road and headed home early to get some trick or treating in.

Even though it was way too short, I am so glad we went. I realized on this trip that what I have been really missing about Vegas is the sense of community we had there. The feeling of having a ‘village’ to raise our kids in. Good friends that would do anything for you at the drop of a hat. People who bought me a 12 pack of diet coke for the hotel room and people who loved my kids whole heartedly. It comes down to people who truly knew us and cared about us. But what I realized is that I am going to have to try to find that here. As much as our friends there will always be special to us, and I hope to remain friends for years, I have to try to recreate that feeling here. I think we may be on the right path, when we drove up on Sat. our driveway and walk had been shoveled for us. I went over to thank the people across the street but they told me there was no need, the whole neighborhood had pitched in because they were worried Carter wouldn’t be able to get in.

Little Labor Trip to The ER

This is my catch-up and apology post! So, the last week has been a bit hectic and I know I am behind picking winners for things. I have a party I am co-hosting tomorrow night for Mom It Forward and Mile High Mamas so after that I will get caught up.

Real quick-Carter got another nasty cut on his foot in all things, the BOUNCY HOUSE. That required stitches in the ER Thurs while we were getting a new roof put on compliments of the tornado earlier this summer.

Then Sat I went out to go shopping at SNIAGRAB which is BARGAINS spelled backwards and is the big ski equipment sale here. Apparently the excitement was too much for me and I started getting chest pains. Bob took me over to the Urgent Care who called the fire department and I got a lovely ride to the ER where they kept me over night. Apparently ones blood pressure should not be 180/110. Who knew?

Nothing serious is wrong with my heart, basically I had an unexplained rapid elevation of my blood pressure and it likes being high so it is staying there. Lucky me! I have some more out patient tests to see why when I exercise it starts off a migraine….see, I knew there was a reason I have not enjoyed exercising. Something about the arteries (veins?) going to the brain constricting quickly, blah, blah, blah.

Good news! I have lost 4 pounds since the hospital…nothing like the heart attack scare diet!

Oh, here was some interesting news that came out of all of this….they think I have too much stress in my life? WHAT? ME? No, seriously though, I really don’t think of my life as overly stressful but maybe I don’t see it.

So, laughter reduces stress and here is a funny video from my friends over at Steve Spangler Science so watch it while I take a few days off from blogging…

I was there to see the aftermath of that room. It was a MESS!

Have to go figure out what I am wearing at this party tomorrow!