Butts, Cemeteries, Chick-Fil-A and Other Random Weirdness

Today the latest Twilight movie opens yet it was apparently way better to share the news that my butt is still out of shape. Thanks USA Today! Cause today wasn’t weird enough. I needed my butt to be the cover story.  The least you could have done is linked to me since you found me through my review of Skechers Toning Shoes. Guess I won’t hold out any hope that they will be sponsoring my next blog conference. Perhaps I should contact Nike now.

For those of you who missed my butts 15 minutes of fame:

Barb  of Denver says she considers her toning shoes a “cute gimmick.”

Her Shape-ups help to strengthen her calf muscles, she says, but did nothing to tone her butt and thighs. Even though they are her “most comfortable pair of shoes,” she says she regrets spending $120 on them.

As for Skechers trying to persuade men to buy them, well, good luck with that.

“My husband would not be caught dead in these things,” Barb says.

In other weirdness Carter had a minor surgical procedure today. It was B L O O D Y. Surprisingly after all we have been through I still can’t handle the sight of blood. He asked them not to put him out cause he can’t feel that part of his body anyway. Do you know how bizarre it is to see your kid essentially being operated on while they are talking to you about Club Penguin? Speaking of sponsors, Carter can’t get out of bed except to go to the doctor for the next 5-6 weeks so if all you pr fairies could send movies, wine and ice cream I would appreciate it. I may let Carter share too–except for the wine cause that would be completely inappropriate.

And the hopefully last of my strange day. I pulled into Chick-Fil-A and realized it is right next to a cemetery. A cemetery is in the middle of a strip mall. What the ….?  And how have I not ever noticed this before???? How do these location experts still have a job?

Skechers Shape Ups Not What I Hoped For

I rarely write reviews on this blog but I am writing this one because EVERYWHERE I go wearing my Sketchers Shape Ups women stop and ask me if they are worth it.

I bought mine as a New Years Day present to myself and planned to write a review on them because I know so many people are curious: at $100 plus a pop, do they work? I held off writing the review this long because I wanted to give them a fair shot.

So, do they work?

Yes and no. If I wear them to the mall or Costco I do notice my calves are a little sore the next day which tells me they are doing something. I never felt any difference in my thighs, butt or abs as the ads claim. And I haven’t lost any weight simply by wearing them and walking around normally.

They ARE super comfy. Once you get used to them it feels like walking on air. They were a little weird to get used to. I kept feeling like I was going to roll an ankle but I never did.

I did learn not to wear them on a treadmill. Just too fast to get the kind of step needed in for them. Also, they are not the greatest in snow or icy conditions (duh, I know, but I live in Denver so you never know what the day may bring)

They are cute and stylish (at least in my opinion) and people do notice them.

I didn’t notice any change in my posture but I did notice that it changed the way I walk even when I am not in them (so is that a change in posture?). The shoes force you to walk heel to toe like you would on the beach. I absolutely catch myself doing that now more.

So do I recommend them?

IF $110 is not that big of a deal for you to spend on shoes than I say sure. But if it is, you can more than live without these things. I will continue to wear mine around during errands and such but more because I like how comfy they are and if I am going to do the walking anyway, why not? I have already spent the money.