I Think I Might Be a Diva

Oh, help me…..

It’s coming to my attention that they way I like things might be a little weird.Maybe a little diva-y?

I guess I have a weird quirk. When traveling I like having my own hotel room. Not when we are traveling with family, but I will get to that in a minute, but traveling on what I would term ‘business’. I really won’t ever explore sharing, even if it means me paying more.

I’m planning on attending a conference in a few weeks with lots of work and personal friends and everyone sort of wants to have a big sleepover during the conference. Sharing rooms and even beds. This is how people typically afford and enjoy blogger conferences. It’s kind of the sleep over type of fun that most girls enjoy.

So, this is where I think I may be a diva.  I LOVE the parties, will stay up late, have a ball but when it comes to sleeping I just NEED my personal space. Even if it is only to catch 3 hours of sleep a night.

This really has bugged me the last few days. It seems like absolutely no one I talk to feels the same way. Everyone seems to be perfectly comfortable finding another blogger, even if they have never met in real life, and sharing a room. So, what the hell is wrong with me???

In my pondering I started thinking about this. In my whole life I can count the number of sleep overs I attended on my hand. Would love to go and hangout but would rather go home and sleep in my own bed. Even as a little kid.

In college I lasted about a week with 4 roommates. I moved out so fast it wasn’t funny to my own dorm. I did move my cat in though. Oh, God, does that mean I am going to become a creepy old lady who dies alone with 80 cats?

Loved being in a sorority and visiting the house rooms. Never in a million years could I have lived there.

So, I guess it isn’t a money thing cause lord knows I am still paying my college loans and living on my own was sure a part of that.

Is it then sort of a spoiled only child thing (all brothers and sisters moved out by the time I was born)???? I don’t know because my oldest is the exact same way. I remember the night we were all on vacation and he was maybe 8 and we were ‘camping’ in a really nice hotel but staying all in the same room. He woke me up with a psychotic look in his eyes and said “I am going to kill someone if I ever have to sleep in the same room with you all again”. From that day on, we have never booked a family vacation where he had to share a room. He just can’t deal without having a little place to escape to and I totally get that. Yeah, we have never really CAMPED as a family either. That idea sends me into little panic attacks.

So, yes. People will tell you that have known me for years that I have these little odd quirks. I do other things when traveling that are weird…I travel and/or stop for two things….my favorite coffee cream and diet coke with lime. I’m just cranky with out it.

Most people would describe me as pretty social I think. So, what is it about the sleeping that makes me so uncomfortable?

Does being un-adaptable make me a diva? I hope not. Does it make me weird? I don’t know….what do you think?