It’s a Well Deserved Crappy Mood I Am In…

I just sat down to tell you all about my crappy day and I coughed. It happened so fast I forgot to cover my mouth. I just coughed a loogie all over my computer screen. Not kidding! Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that….

Last night as we were supposed to sit down to enjoy the turkey for the second attempt (the first was unsuccessful do to the bleeding turkey that greeted us out of the oven) we hear an ominous beep. Remember the $60,000 bed? It was beeping—-AGAIN—-for the fourth time in less than 2 weeks. And I do mean RIGHT when we were finally sitting down!

When it beeps it shuts down and you have to call for service. I picked up the phone dreading that I would be ruining the sweet older gentleman who has to come out everytime I call no matter what the time or day. I didn’t have the heart to make him come out last night so Carter slept on the couch until the am.

This morning out servicemen came. They were here for 5 hours. Essentially ruining any plans we had for the day but it was worth it if this bed was going to stop beeping. Off they finally went and we let the bed warm up. At 7 we got Carter all ready to go get back in the bed (now 24 hours out of it) and watch a movie. He gets in the bed and what happens? sand coming out of clinitron bed

That, my dear friends, is what the sand that is supposed to be in the bed looks like as it leaks out slowly onto my floor. There are piles like this all around the bed.

So Carter goes back to the couch and the poor serviceman is on his way back out to my house. He will be here around 9pm.

I am NOT a happy person.