Our Curriculum Right Now

I thought I would update you all as to what we are currently using and how it is going.

A few months ago I told you about Time4Learning. We are sticking with that this year and it is still going very well. The math seems to be boring my oldest though because once we got to the 7th grade level, he can’t test out of lessons that he knows. This means he still has to click through each screen or else the assignment is incomplete. That is my only complaint with it.

We have been watching the Planet Earth DVD’s. I LOVE these amazing documentaries. Very worthwhile. Each segment is about an hour and is so well done that the kids are pretty attentive. They look a lot like an IMAX film.

Been reading through the History of Us. This came highly recommended. For a History series it is well done but it is dry still. I much prefer the History channel or fieldtrips. We have been studying a lot about the 2008 Election as well.

It has been so beautiful here that we are taking things pretty easy with just the above. I am waiting for the snow to fall to really knuckle down. Anyone have any suggestions?