Flashback 80′s Radio

As part of my continued homage to the olden days of my youth, I bring you music from back in the day…

My first concert ever. U2 at Sun Devil Stadium baby!

I remember the neighbors coming over to watch this on MTV the night it debuted in 1984. I was in 7th grade. Yup, we had cable. According to wikipedia MTV used to go blank between videos so the staff could change the VHS tapes, LOL

I had this on Vinyl and played it non stop in my room. I am sure "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" drove my parents insane.

I had this on Vinyl and played it non stop in my room. I am sure "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" drove my parents insane.

Prelude to "EMO", LOL


Eddie---nuff said

The only thing my then boyfriend, now husband could play on his guitar. He used to play it over the phone to me. Thankfully he now can play a lot more songs.

My parents thought she was just so risque. Oh, to have mild Madonna lyrics back. Can you believe she is 51 NOW!?!

80's baby rap compared to the rap crap those crazy kids listen to now

Inspiration was our wedding song. Collective "ahhhhhh" can begin now.

Did you miss my Old School TV post?

What was your favorite music growing up?

Going Old School Tech

I was reminded yesterday of just how old I am. Yes, I was in college when the internet became a reality. It was Prodigy Dial Up (BEFORE AOL). You could download your mail while you made dinner. Here are some other things to date me:

Here was the remote control I remember growing up. You had to PUSH the buttons down until it clicked and they stayed down. Ours was a RCA one but you get the point. From: www.univ-shop.com

I was soooo jealous when my brother got a cell phone! From: www.seefirstblog.com

We had this exact same yellow phone on the wall in our kitchen. We had a super long curly cord from the handset to the base so you could talk in privacy in the nearest bedroom. From www.oldphoneworks.com

I was the first kid on the block to have a computer (big surprise) and the Commodore 64 was rocking! DOS and GOTO anyone? From: www.larwe.com

All the cool kids played Pong on this! From: news.cnet.com

See anything familiar?

TV Shows I Want to See Return

I was just told by Laura that I am old. :P

SO, in honor of my 38th birthday coming next week, we are going to go Old School on the blog until then starting with some of my favorite TV shows growing up. Except I left off old re-runs of I Love Lucy. Cause I do. Love Lucy, that is.