I ♥ Mile High Mamas Mom It Forward

For almost a year now I have been the President of Mom It Forward Colorado and I love, love, love our group. We have an amazing partnership with Mile High Mamas and get together approx. every 6 weeks for some super cool events.

The mission of Mom It Forward is to “Changing the World One Mom at a Time”. We get together, support causes, but mostly have fun and support each other.

It occurred to me at our party last night that we have a ton of new bloggers joining us and I would love the chance to visit everyone’s virtual home. Part of being in the #gno (our Mom It Forward hashtag) is the chance to be not only be part of an amazing local group but a bigger, national organization. So, if you are not here in CO, leave me a comment and I will try to hook you up with your local chapter.

If you are in CO, please leave a link to the homepage of your blog in the linky below so we can all get to know each other better! I challenge all the MHM/MIF to visit at least three blogs that are new to you and reach out to say hi!

A Much Needed Night of Pampering

Last Wednesday I got together with the ever fabulous Amber from Mile High Mamas for a fun night of pampering at the Sephora in Boulder. The fabulous group I lead, Mom It Forward here in Colorado showed up in full force to donate products to Safe House in both Denver and Boulder. I think it is funny how you can’t really tell a Mile High Mama from a Mom It Forward gal anymore because everyone rocks social media and charity.

There is no way that I could do a more fabulous write up of the event than Amber did so head over to Mama’s Night Out at Sephora Redefines a “GHD” (Good Hair Day) and read all about it.

I do want to apologize for not being my usual energetic self at the party (dancing on the cash wrap not withstanding). There were a few women there I didn’t know and my usual self would have walked right up and introduced myself but I found myself more of a blubbering idiot that night and not really able to carry on a coherent conversation with anyone. My mind was on my dad.

Here is the whrrl story I shot that night. Hope you enjoy it!

More check-ins at Sephora
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Have a great charity you would like Mom It Forward to consider? Leave me a comment.

A Day Made Better

Moving to a new city is never easy and it has been a big adjustment for me. I feel like I am finally fitting in though and starting to make some new friends. I stepped up in the beginning of the year to become the president of Mom It Forward Colorado which is an initiative very close to my heart. It is all about MOM as a verb and strengthening mom to enable her to move forward and strengthen her community and the world~changing the world one mom at a time! Through Mom It Forward I am meeting an amazing group of women!

Last Thursday Mom It Forward Colorado teamed up with the also ever amazing Mile High Mamas to throw our second event here! We choose to support A Day Made Better with Office Max which is a campaign to end teacher funded classrooms. A cause very close to my heart! Office Max did some research and found that teachers spend roughly $1200 a year of their own money in their classroom. Honestly, I think that is a pretty low number they found. I can guarantee I spent more and it is just WRONG. Teachers barely make enough to survive but to then turn around and spend what little they have in their classrooms is just tragic. That is why I love, love, love being a Max Mom and getting to help some local Denver teachers through A Day Made Better. At the party we asked our guests to nominate a deserving teacher and to bring some school supplies for our gigantor box (see me in it in the story). Amber or Mile High Mamas and I will be delivering that box to one of those teachers with $1000 gift card for school supplies soon.

But it doesn’t stop there, I will also be taking nominations on my blog starting Sept. 20th for more deserving teachers so watch this space for more info!

I had an amazing time and need to thank our sponsors! The Warwick Denver could not have been more gracious in providing us with the space, food and drink and not to mention this amazing man Saman who made sure we were well pampered through the night! Litzy PR sent us the most amazing toy baskets to raffle off from Nerf, Shred Sled, Strawberry Shortcake and more. Start Poken got 4 more of us connected with the ever cool Poken. Hostess sent us YUMMY cupcakes and some very sought after twinkie recipe books. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Zing Zang Zoom gave us a family four pack of tickets and the sweetest girl I got the pleasure of meeting, Lori at Guessing All The Way also sponsored 4 tickets. Wet Ones rounded out the swag with a way for us to clean up!

Some of the more than 60 powerful social media moms in Colorado are also blogging about the event so head over and check them out too!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess-

Mama Bird

and of course, Mile High Mamas

If you blog about the event, leave me the link in the comments!

Thanks to all for A Day Made Better and for making me feel more at home in Colorado!