Music Ace Deluxe

madbox-300As you all know, my kids love music. My oldest plays the guitar and my youngest is a walking dictionary of classic rock (ugh, am I that old that Bon Jovi is classic?). Since my youngest has very poor fine motor skills though due to both of his disabilities (spina bifida and autism) it has been hard to really teach him an instrument. But, he is very interested. So, when I was contacted by a very nice PR rep for Harmonic Vision and asked to try Music Ace Deluxe I was thrilled. Harmonic Vision claims:

“This interactive program gives homeschooling parents a fun way to bring music into their kid’s (aged 6+) lives. The game-type Windows and Mac-compatible CD-ROM features 36 self-paced lessons shored up by games that introduce kids to the basics of music — rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening and the keyboard — while entertaining them at the same time.”

and it certainly delivers. My youngest (10) and I sat down to do a few lessons together before I turned him loose on it alone. He seemed to really benefit from the visual clues given in the pitch lessons. And even I learned some new terminology. Maestro Max (the animated teacher) provides a fun and non threatening way for everyone to learn music theory.


So, would I recommend this? Absolutely! Music Ace Deluxe is available directly from Harmonic Vision, for the MSRP of $79.95. More importantly, it is available from other sources such as and for between $45 and $50. Also, a Homeschool Instructional Guide is available for download at no charge from the Harmonic Vision website for owners of Music Ace Deluxe. I love it when companies realize the power of the homeschool community and provide products tailored to our needs!

Train Your Brain More Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Train Your Brain More giveaway! Send me your info to mail the books to at info at chaoticcommunications dot com :)


Train Your Brain More

Last week I received an email from a publicist asking if I would like to review this latest book by Dr. Kawashima. I recognized the name, and you probably will too, from the popular Brain Age games we play on our Nintendo DS. Definitely intrigued, I said yes and I was glad that I did.

This book was not what I expected. It was much more ‘workbook’ like than I had thought it would be.
Click here to see and print a sample page!
But, it was fun to time our progress. In the 5 days I had Connor (12 year old) work on it, he became faster and faster. While I do call him my little math genius, it was interesting to see the first day how the simple calculations were, well, not that simple anymore. Proving that we can all use a little daily brain exercise. The pages take less than 3 minutes (for him) and it is a great little vitamin boost for the day.

I loved the first few pages of the book where it shows images taken by a brain imaging device while people performed certain activities. Now I had proof that watching TV was not nearly as good for you as reading a book!

Not only do I recommend this book but I am giving away 2 Train Your Brain More books. Would you like to win one?

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