The Project-Toy Story Themed Room-Day 1

Project Objective: Complete overhaul of Carters room to accommodate the over bearing, over priced ($60,000!!!), and over ugly new Clinitron bed and possible lift system. This new equipment is necessary for his upcoming surgery. He will not be allowed out of it for 6 weeks after a 2 week stay in the hospital. A fun room is a must!

Many, many, many themes were discussed for this new bedroom. The plan was to paint a large mural on the walls.  Finally Toy Story won out and my plans changed. I love Toy Story but lets be honest, at Carters age this is a phase. If it gets him through the in-room prison part of this recovery than that is fabulous—but I am not about to make a permanent wall mural.

Google to the rescue….I came across this Toy Story room done by HGTV that has a much more mature look and used it as the general game plan to get started.

photo credit to


Day 1:

  • Room gutted and cleaned
  • Painted all four walls blue
  • Moved dresser and armoire to room and placed along walls to provide as much open space as possible for access.
  • New curtain panels with black out liners

toy story theme room photo 1 showing color


  • Make a giant etch-a-sketch calendar
  • Use vinyl wall decors to add the characters in. Using these instead of painting so that it can be removed quickly and painlessly when Toy Story wears out its welcome.
  • Communication Command Central to include larger Google TV, xbox and wii. Doing my research on Google TVs now.
  • Parachute men on ceiling

When it is all done I will do a massive post on creating a room a special needs respite room while maintaining some sense of fun. But until then I will update the progress on the project so that if any of you have some great ideas on how I can add to it….PLEASE CHIME IN!