Family Game Night

NFGN-BadgeI love the concept of Family Game Night. A night of good, old fashioned UNPLUGGED fun. Yesterday, I got a great box in the mail from Hasbro with 5 games for my family for tonight. Unfortunately, since my dad is moving from a nursing home in Arizona today to the one up here, I have to reschedule Family Game Night in my house.

But you know what? That is OK! I say if you can’t have family game night tonight, plan your own sometime over the next week. The important thing is to take some time with your family and UNPLUG! I admit, I don’t do it often enough. So, this weekend we will be taking a few hours to play some games together.

When I was in Chicago, Hasbro introduced me to this fun, very easy game to play with the kids: Crazy Old Fish War. The boys LOVE it! It is easy enough for Carter and Connor likes it too. That doesn’t happen to often in our house anymore! I am thinking we may take it (since it is a simple card game) over to the nursing home and play it with Pop Pop.

One more awesome thing about Crazy Old Fish War? Hasbro sent me a bunch of them to giveaway to Colorado moms. Make sure you are at the next Colorado Mom It Forward event and get yours!