The Eagles: Assisted Living Tour

Want to feel young again? Get some tickets to go see the Eagles. I guarantee if you are under 50 you will feel like a child again.

More than half the people rockin the Mosh Pit (so 80′s of me) had walkers or canes.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a teensy bit but not all that much, I swear.

I knew I was in trouble when the woman next to me started air guitaring. No kidding. This at least 60 year old lady who looked so conservative she might be trying for a seat on Supreme Court starts friggin’ air guitaring. She was wearing an outfit straight out of the Talbots conservative line.¬† I about spit my drink out it was so hilarious. But that would have been a waste of a good margarita and my conscious just couldn’t allow it.

Don Henley will be 63 this summer. Madonna is 50. Crap, even Jon Bon Jovi is pushing 50.

I don’t know if other people play this little mind trick on themselves but I do. I still see myself as a teenager (hence the limited amounts of mirrors I look in). Therefore, all of my favorite¬† musicians should be too. Do you do that? or am I the only weird one who thinks time is standing still?

I knew it was all going to hell in a hand-basket when Kid Rock incorporated Sweet Home Alabama as a days gone by song. He is a year younger than me.

and speaking volumes of the age of the crowd last night, when I left I got a coupon to see

We are going to see U2 in a few weeks. I am thinking about borrowing one of Carters wheelchairs just so I fit in :)