Christmas Vacation

11 days ago, 14 days of family time sounded glorious. Yeah, I’m over it. We all are. But we did have a really nice holiday. Christmas was quiet after our return from Park City. Here are the trip diaries posted on the Snowmamas site if you would like to read about the trip:

Below is video of Carter trying out the new Kart-ski if you missed it on Facebook. He really liked this new ski and I am thinking he will want to stick with this.

I’m happy to report because of our experience at Gorgoza Park, Park City Mountain Resort has taken steps to make the area wheelchair accessible. YAY!

It was a techie Christmas around here and among the presents under the tree were the XBOX Kinect, a new laptop, cell phones, Nook, and plenty of video games. Lots of money spent and it didn’t amount to a whole lot of ‘stuff’ under the tree. I actually miss the days when we could spend $100 on big plastic toys that made the house look like it was going to explode.

I decided not to send Christmas cards this year and I am not feeling guilty about it.

Disclaimer: I am compensated in a variety of ways to participate in the Park City Mountain Resorts Snowmamas program. Yay me!

Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder

Yeah-I made up the term, deal with it.

Sitting on my computer after dropping my mom off at the airport.

I no sooner walked in the door when I felt a migraine coming on. It always happens like this. I get a migraine after all the festivities are done. It is like my body just “lets down”. Happens everytime Carter is in the hospital or we have a lot going on. The migraine stays at bay while the adrenalin is up and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. But, I digress, AGAIN.

Christmas was really nice. It was peaceful and quiet yet filled with making sure that all was merry and bright by me. Norma (yes I know) Rockwell would be proud. So would June Cleaver. BARF!

All was snowy and white when we woke up on Christmas Eve. This prompted a snowball fight between my 81 year old mother and my 13 year old son. Me? I took pictures…

The snow is hard on Carter’s wheelchair so we made Instant Snow in the house for him to play with. Yeah, my kitchen is a mess at this point! Balled up tissue paper makes very nice snowballs and when these two above got good and cold they brought the fight inside with Carter…

Ornaments were hung….

Cioppino was made (no, not be me)….

Food and drink were consumed….

Present unwrapping started at 9 am on Christmas morning…

Highlights included….

  • an xbox for Carter (I won this in San Fransisco this year at the event)
  • turtle beach headsets for Connor
  • Rock Band for the family
  • Elvis Dumerville jersey for me
  • Kitchen appliances for Bob
  • Digital frame for Nana
  • Money for all from Grandma and Grumpy

I made breakfast! (yes, you read that right) Thanks to my friend Lisa for introducing me to Paula Deen’s Baked French Toast Casserole and Oscar Mayer for sending me some new yummy┬áSuper Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon I actually made a breakfast that was not only edible but was super delicious! So what if I forgot to take a picture? Y’all believe me that it looked just like this, don’t ya???

Next we headed to the nursing home to visit PopPop. He gave the boys family heirlooms for Christmas: a watch that belonged to his grandfather in Italy and a ring…

We rounded the weekend off with lots and lots of Rock Band but my mom has those pictures on her camera!

Hope yours was as merry as ours. I am off to tend this growing headache.


Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

It is snowing just enough to make a white Christmas here and once I get my mom safely from the airport this afternoon I will be free to relax and enjoy. We have all the shopping done, just need to wrap the presents which is not that big of a deal here. I don’t do the whole paper wrap (saving money and environment) we use the same decorated boxes that I have had for years. I love that they stack inside each other and just get packed away for the next year :)

Bob is making his traditional cioppino (a seafood soup in a red broth) for Christmas Eve. We let the kids unwrap one present that night. We haven’t done the “big guy” here thing since Connor was in 1st grade and his teacher told him the awful ‘truth’. But, alas that is a story for another time……….

Carter still gets up a little early (7 ish) and he has to wait til we all roll out of bed (about an hour cause he is driving us nuts). Connor doesn’t get up early any morning but he will roll out of bed for presents on Christmas day. We open gifts and Bob makes a huge breakfast. That is a tradition from his family that his dad would always do.

After breakfast we put a spiral ham in and around lunch will set up a buffet type meal to munch on ham and salads the rest of Christmas. The next day we use the left over ham to make ham and bean soup. Oddly, this is the only time of year that I can stomach ham and bean soup.

It will be different this year having my mom here. We have never shared Christmas in our home with anyone. We moved away from family when the kids were 2 and 4 and I always wanted the kids to wake up in their own home on Christmas so we never traveled back to Phoenix on the actual holiday. We would usually make time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate with family. She would spend the actual holiday with my brother in the past.

We usually watch movies all day and play with the kids new toys. Of course, as they are getting older that means video games. I usually try to make sure at least a few of their presents are something we can enjoy as a family. This year I also bought them both gingerbread house kits. We have never, ever made gingerbread houses and I thought it would be something fun for the boys to do with my mom. I am sure the older one will be just thrilled….

We are planning to bring Christmas dinner to my dad at the home. They have private family dining rooms you can use. Of course, since we are new I didn’t realize I had to reserve ASAP and we got the day after Christmas time slot. He is OK with that though. We will see him Christmas Eve and then again on the day after Christmas. To be honest, his days blend together so much that he may not even realize it.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families!

Love, Barb