Not Getting Married

A little background for any newer readers who don’t know Carter. Carter has a very special soul and an extremely unique way of seeing things. He was born with spina bifida and was diagnosed with high functioning autism. He is now 11. He is adorable and his unique perspective on life cracks us up daily. I write Carterisms down on my blog as a way to share and record them.

Me: Someday you will grow up and meet a wonderful girl to marry.

Carter: Are you crazy? Why in the world would I want to be stuck with one girl the rest of my life?

The Man Book

Carter has gotten into spitting lately. Well, not really spitting but making the noise that he is. Of course both Bob and I are not allowing it but this is how our cuddle/tickle session went yesterday:

Carter is tickling me and ‘spits’.

Me: No, don’t do that. I have already told you that is not OK. It is GROSS!

Carter: It may be gross to girls but not to boys. It is on page 1 of the Man Book mom. I know, I read it!

Seriously, how does this kid come up with this stuff? And dear heavens, is there a such thing as the Man Book?

Quick Note

shortstory(1)Just wanted to throw something quick up to say thanks for all the calls, emails, and notes for Carters surgery tomorrow. If all goes as it should this will be a super quick shunt replacement and we should be home Tues. afternoon.

I will update everyone through a whrrl story so you can follow that in any of these ways.You only need to do one of them to get the updates.

  1. Sign up for an account there and add me as a friend: If you do this, you will get an email everytime I publish a new story.
  2. Check the front of page of the blog for my latest whrrl story which over the next two days will be updates on how he is. Keep hitting refresh–it is good for my stats (hee hee)

and with that I am going to bed and leaving you with one cute Carterism:

Me: You are the cutest kid ever

Carter: Yeah, you can take that to the bank!