Six Pounds Down and One Sick Kiddo

Just a quickie update here. Weighed in at boot camp this AM. I am six pounds down which I am very proud of. Especially when you take into account how sick Carter has been. This is usually the time I EAT and I haven’t binged. The only bad thing I put in my mouth all week was a Big Mac and you know, I really didn’t even enjoy it. The bodybugg is really helping me to be aware of what I am putting in my body and how much I am burning. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Had to take Carter back into the hospital yesterday because he just got real sick again all of a sudden. They are scheduling more tests. I think it is a combination of things personally and I think the infection is just a symptom of something more.

I was super proud of myself though because instead of hitting Dairy Queen as a way to cope I went to a 90 minute yoga class instead.

I guess I am finally starting to take care of myself. I hope it lasts and that this isn’t just a phase. I hope Carter gets better and not worse as I fear may happen. I know it only takes so much before yoga loses out to Dairy Queen.

Love ya all! Thanks for all the well wishes….

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought Carter…

….among other things. Around noon we took Carter to the ER because he had a terrible headache, couldn’t look up and started throwing up. It’s 6 now and we have come to find out that he has a raging infection. They have it off to the labs to decide how to treat. The infection is probably just a symptom though of something else going on. He and I are staying overnight in the observation unit of the ER. They will run more tests in the am to determine the possible causes. I will update when I know more.

He goes from feeling fine to feeling sick pretty quickly so it is easiest for me to just update the blog rather than take phone calls.

In light of this I won’t be posting for PR Monday tomorrow nor will I be holding the PR Monday Chat planned for tomorrow night. I am sure you all understand.

Update 1: It’s about midnight. They ran one round of IV antibiotics through. He seems to be feeling much better. He is keeping food down. Going to try to get some sleep if the crying baby in the next room would kindly cooperate. Lot’s of tests in the AM.

Update 2: It’s 7am. Carter and I were able to sleep for about 5 hours. I had the pleasure of sleeping on something that resembled a 4*4 piece of plywood covered in plastic. I thought the beds in the rooms were bad. This is like an ancient torture board. But, remembering many nights in Phoenix sleeping in a ER room with 4 other families and a plastic chair, I am grateful for the private room with a plywood bed. He woke up happy and feeling good. The neurosurgeon resident just said that they don’t feel he is in any immediate danger. We need to wait and see the NS when he comes in to find out what tests we are going to run to find out what caused this.

Update 3: We are home. No definitive cause on the infection. He has some heavy duty antibiotics for the next few weeks. Hopefully that will kill the bugs and get everything back to normal.

I am exhausted so I think I will check out for a little. I expect that he will get sick from the antibiotics. I know that last time when he had a staph infection those pills made him sicker than the infection.

Thanks to all for your comments. Love ya!

Done With Chicks

For those of you who don’t know Club Penguin is quite the dating scene for younger kids.┬áCarter has had this girl “chick” (which is appropriate to say since she is a penguin) following him around asking him to “be more than friends”. Here is their conversation:

Carter: Listen
Chick: You listen
Carter: We are not meant to be
Chick: does *crying* sign
Carter: We are just not compatible
Chick: We are not over yet

Mama always told him chicks can be crazy……

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