My Mother-In-Law is Killing Me Here!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Here? Not so much! Between the oldest one taking Honors Bio in summer school and the younger one not being allowed to get out of bed, summer is just kinda sucky. I’m bored, Carts bored, Bob and Con are overloaded.

So we have been playing with our food. Yeah, you all know how this post is going to right?

I saw these adorable Toy Story alien cupcakes in Family Fun


and we tried to make them. Ours turned out like this:

Our Attempt at Toy Story 3 Alien Cupcakes

Didn't have mentos. Makes a BIG difference!

Honestly, you all are probably pretty damn impressed I made something at least edible right? Just say yes.

and then a package arrived from Grandma today. It was a big package! Full of cookies….

It was full at one point today :)

and in it were these little cuties:

Which are Burger Bite Cookies and are too cool for school. But seriously??? How does she expect me to compete with that? It’s evil genius on her part.

*disclosure: we really do love Grandma! And everyone is happily noshing on the goodies.