Inspirational Words

Lots of times people approach me and say “I don’t know how you do it” and my answer is always “I don’t know how I don’t”. Having trials and tribulations is a part of life.

Recently my friend Lisa suggested a new author to me, Echo Bodine. I am really enjoying her words of wisdom and thought I would share a piece of her book, Echoes of the Soul: Moving Beyond the Light, that really resonated with me last night.

Here’s an important thing to realize: We are not meant to float through life as victims of our circumstances. We have a great deal to do with our lives and how they turn out, how we turn out. We can make the most of life, and even enjoy it, or we can fight it and focus on how awful it is. There are choices to be made every day as to how we are going to perceive and live our lives. We are not here by accident, and there are no coincidences.

So, how do I choose to perceive my life? Well, I know there is a reason my family has the trials we have and I just continue to trust and have faith….

What about you?

Chillaxin and Contemplating…

We are back from the 5 day mouse extravaganza. Photos, tips and a cool look at Disneyland’s Club33 coming at you in the near future.

I didn’t post yesterday cause, well, to be honest I didn’t feel like it. If you missed my PR Monday posting, I would suggest that you read Darren Rowse’s article on Turning Annoying Pitches into Opportunity. He said exactly what I was thinking, only much better.

Speaking of not feeling like posting. I have the blogging blues. I have had them before but this time it is different. I need to change. For my sanity and my kids. The kiddos are getting very sensitive to the stuff I have posted about them. I totally understand. We live in a day where if your mom blogs your entire school could end up reading about all the problems you had potty training (no, you can’t find that here). Plus, I find that I have a lot more to say these days. Repeat, I have a lot more to say. They don’t. They want me to shut up and stop embarrassing them. Well, Carter still likes the Carterism’s section but I have to wonder how much longer that will last….

I want to expand my wings, be funnier, freer, a little more controversial (not much but I have opinions ya know?). So, do I re-brand and start over?¬† just remove the stuff the kids want gone and stay here? stop blogging? honestly would anyone care if I did stop (not fishing for compliments, ok, well maybe a little ego boosting wouldn’t hurt)? My head hurts from all this wondering what to do….give me some advice please!

Welcome To Twitter Junior High

Twitter is starting to remind me of Junior High School. In the last few months I have seen the craziest things occur on twitter and just shook my head and walked away thinking “i need to post about this one day”. Apparently the universe decided today was that day.

Yesterday I worked all day on a campaign that was near and dear to my heart. I worked well beyond what I was paid to do because I was passionate about the cause.

This morning I wake up from an email from a friend of mine telling me that people contacted her about issues with this campaign. She was in no way involved in the campaign so why the hell she was brought into this I have no idea but apparently people are now deeming her the Principal at Twitter Junior High.

So, as I explained to the Principal I will now explain to you. YES, last night I gave a prize away to twitter account owned by my co-host. I HAD NO IDEA SHE OWNED THAT ACCOUNT! Yes, she replied with a thank you because SHE WASN’T SURE WHAT TO DO IN THE HEAT OF THE PARTY. She called me right after the party with “Houston, we have a problem”. We decided we would reaward it today.End of story we thought.

But apparently a bunch of people ran to the Principal to tell on us.

Seriously??? Seriously???

No dm to me? No email to me? No tweet to me? WHY?

Do people honestly think I would stake a reputation I have had online for almost 10 years to give¬† her a branded tote and mug? Come on people. If you don’t know the blogger business yet let me clue you in….we have more branded products than we know what to do with it. They arrive everyday in our mailboxes. I am not devaluing the prize but my co-host needs this like she needs a hole in her head!

Lets clear some thing else up while I am at it. Yes, I own multiple twitter handles. All of my sites have their own handle. They are clearly branded as sites and can be checked against my portfolio. So does my co-host. I just didn’t know she had the one I awarded the prize to. She uses that one to give away awards she finds. Sort of nice of her, don’t ya think?

Yes, our clients know we have these accounts. It is no big secret. Yes, it inflates tweet counts, DUH! Your point is??? If you are donating to a charity and the client is aware extra accounts are used to spread main messaging, isn’t that a GOOD thing?

In December I held a food drive charity twitter party and was attacked because some people determined the food to not be as nutritious or organic as they would like. Seriously???? You are bagging on a FOOD DRIVE? Let the people receiving it decide if it is OK for them. My kids love that product.

In December, Twitter Junior High also saw the horrible attack on Military_Mom after she tweeted about her sons drowning. There has already been enough said on that tragic subject.

September was the attack on the my blogging friends who were invited to Nestle and then were literally crucified on twitter for it.

Twitters terms of service do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to play in the US so why are so many people acting like they are still in Junior High?

I hated Junior High and I have no intention of letting my part of twitter turn into it.

You have a problem with me? I am not hard to get a hold of. Tell me, not the teacher or the principal or talk behind my back.

Have a problem with someone else? Talk to them! Don’t start a huge campaign on twitter about it.

Can’t we all just get along?

Here is your chance to talk to me. Leave me a comment!