Field Trip – Las Vegas – Shark Reef

Place: Shark Reef, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Date: July 17, 2008
Time: 9:30-11:45 am

Cost: $5 per kid. $12.95 per adult any adult registering 4 or more
children on one order will get a $10 rebate off their admission*.


This is an educational fieldtrip that consists of a one hour guided
tour and a one hour private classroom session. Pre-teaching
materials are available and I will be holding an online pre-
teaching session using a virtual classroom – where attendees can
participate from the comfort of their computer. More information
about the online pre-teach will be sent to those enrolled closer to
the date.

This fieldtrip is for ages 5-17. The Shark Reef asks that we limit
the number of adults so this is the perfect opportunity to give a
fellow mom a little break and team up to take kids in small groups.
Adults that are chaperoning 4 or more children will get a $10 rebate
off their admission*. In order to get the rebate, you must register
at least one adult and 4 kids (or more) on one order. Kids under 5
and strollers are not allowed due to space in the classroom. The
paying adult will be responsible for all children on their order.

This event is PREPAID and NOT REFUNDABLE. In order to facilitate the
online pre-teaching event, sales for this fieldtrip end July 1st.
There is a very limited amount of tickets and this will sell out
quickly. Regular admission is $10.95-$15.95 so this is a GREAT deal
and a wonderful educational experience. Kids are often (though not
guaranteed) given a free ticket to return another day so this makes
it an INCREDIBLE deal.

*Rebates will be given after we receive the order and verify that
there is at least one paying adult and at least four paying
children. You will receive the rebate via the same method you paid
(paypal, credit card, e-check).

Las Vegas Fieldtrip: Lasers and Mazes

Event Details:

Our Henderson Area Leader for SHEA, has scheduled a fantastic field trip for homeschoolers for Thursday, May 8th at Laser Quest! The fieldtrip is open to all Homeschoolers in our area. Feel free to forward the information on to other groups/people that may want to attend.

Lasers and Mazes is designed for Grades 4-9. Obviously that is a loose
guideline for us homeschoolers. You know your kids the best.

It is a two hour event. They start by playing a 20 minute game. Then they have a demonstration of the inner workings of a laser and they conduct an experiment on the property of light. They also discuss history of mazes and see the actual design of the maze they played on. A 12 minute video is shown that talks about how lasers and mazes are used in everyday life. The last part lets everyone play another 20 minute game. This lets them try out all their newfound knowledge.

Here is a link to their video which shows the event:

The event will be at 12:30. It is $13 per participant, plus a small handling fee for paypal and bank fees of $1.50 per ticket. A participant is defined as anyone who plays laser tag. We need to pay as a group so this event is PREPAID ONLY!!! You can bring in snacks or lunch and drinks.

This rate is subject to a minimum of 20 participants – YOU MAY NOT PAY THE GROUP RATE AT THE DOOR – all tickets are non-refundable. Sign up for the event here!

Here is the location info:

Laser Quest Las Vegas

7361 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA 89128-1003
(702) 243-8881

Here are the educational objectives:

. A history of lasers.
. Lasers as a form of light.
. The characteristics and properties of lasers.
. How lasers are used in out society.

. A history of mazes.
. The different type of mazes.
. How mazes are a part of everyday life.

For more information, please leave a comment.


There is a great new resource available to new homeschoolers in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas. The website was designed to walk families through the process of starting to homeschool. The site is, also, a great help to those homeschool families just moving to the Las Vegas area. The site breaks the process of getting oriented down into 5 steps-from how to file in the state of Nevada to field trips, finding social groups and city wide homeschool events. Check it out if you are new to homeschooling or to the Vegas area. Even if you are a Las Vegas Homeschool ‘oldie’ you may find some new resources available to you. I know I did!