OMG! I am SO Over It…

*photo has been produced so many times on the net I am not sure who should get credit. But it isn't me...

Cha Cha Changes

Seems I have been everywhere on the net these days ‘cept here. So, what is up with me? Lots of business changes.

I sold The Coupon Cupboard but am staying on as the Blog Editor for a while so all the PR reps out there can keep sending me those awesome opps.

Have a fun post coming out Wednesday at Mom It Forward showing you our haunted house preparations. Look for it then.

I am blogging as the Wheeling TravelingMom on I will be posting lots of fun places to visit and travel when someone in your family uses a wheelchair.

I am doing the project development on a really wonderful online project that I will share in the next few weeks.

Starting to work with the incredible Maya of Meme Tales on some cool stuff coming out for the Carter Bear Club.

Getting ready to throw an another awesome party with Mile High Mamas for the Jewels For Hope campaign with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Wrapping up Spina Bifida Awareness Month.

and trying to breathe…..

Surviving Survivor This Season

Many of you know I am a HUGE Survivor fan. Not the type that would try out….I don’t eat bugs and my idea of camping is one hotel room for our 4 person family. But the type that has watched every single episode in the last 20 seasons. The one who would wait for Thurs (now Wed) night to come every week.

But this season has me bothered….In a way that surprised even me.

There is a girl (Kelly B) who is a single leg amputee. Meaning she wears a prosthesis on her leg.

What I can’t wrap my head around is how her tribe reacted to her out of the starting gate. Right away she was targeted as the person to go home because she was a ‘charity’ case. One contestant (Shannon) went so far as to say if he was in the finals with her he would just give her the money. REALLY? You would survive 38 days in the jungle without your family to turn around and give the million dollar prize to someone just because she had one leg?

What’s interesting to me is that this social dynamic is taking place among US citizens 30 or younger. Has disability awareness really gone that wrong???

I won’t spend much time on that person who keeps saying things like “She better not take leg off or I am going to throw it in the fire”. To me, that is a disgrace on the producers of Survivor for allowing that to be aired.

I guess my overall shock here is this: here is a woman who for all intensive purposes is a contributing member of her tribe, decent at challenges (better than some) and seems to be a nice person being targeted simply because people think a jury would hand her the money because she is ‘disabled’.

I am sickened and saddened to see this generation act as though this is the US in 1960′s.

We teach our children that ALL people have different abilities, some may walk with two legs, some may walk with one, some may wheel, some wear glasses, some have brown hair, some have blond. But we are equal and valuable. Did this tribes generation of people miss that message?

Kelly B is a PERSON who happens to wear a prosthesis. The idea that she is a charity case is a level or ignorance I thought as a western nation we were over.