5 Educational Apps For iPhone

I love my iPhone. From it I can rule my kingdom (or at least pretend to) but apps on my phone have been really good for my kids as well. I have loaded a ton in the last two years and here are the 5 we happen to love the most right now. The really great thing about this is that you can squeeze a little learning time into the 5 minutes you are waiting here and there.

  1. Dinosaurs-The American Museum of Natural History Collections: This starts out as a mosiac of a t-rex which breaks down into thousands of gorgeous photos of dinosaurs. This is a really extensive collection and I find the boys hopping around from one thing to another on it. Best part is ITS FREE!
  2. iKnow Math Dojo-my kids have been playing this on iKnowThat.com for a really long time so it was a natural app to get when it came out. Kids can practice their math facts (there are an addition-subtraction and multiplication-division versions) by helping Leon the turtle practice his karate kicking skills. The app works just like the online game and we have been pleased with its performance. $1.99.
  3. b&n eReader-I may be partial to this one because anything we buy for the Nook can be transferred over to my sons iPhone. Saves me a ton of time when something comes up on his K12 reading list. No more “but mom I am waiting for you to go get the book” and since he is so addicted to his phone he can never tell me that he doesn’t have a book to read. The app is free, the book downloads are not.
  4. Space Images-This free app comes from NASA. Like Dinosaurs, the photos are amazing. You can view all the latest images sent from the JPL spacecraft. They have some very cool images that I have not seen anywhere else.
  5. Rush Hour-This is the same puzzle game that many of us (or our kids) played when they were younger except you don’t have to put up with all the lost cars that come with the plastic version :) Strangely addicting little puzzle game that takes the plastic version to new levels. Gives hints and strategies with it. $.99

Bonus: This one is not educational. It is just bizarrely fun and addicting. The whole object is to make the Doodle Jump. That’s it. Just make him keep bouncing up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What about you? What are your favorite educational apps? What am I missing?

PS….My friend, Lori, wrote a post on Fun Websites To Enhance Your Child’s Learning so if you don’t have an iPhone (or even if you do) head over there and find some other cool resources. She is a new blogger so give her some love :)

Jeff Corwin Answers Your Questions!

As part of the Lunch, Roar & Score Sweepstakes for Lunchables Lunch Combinations I will have the chance to interview Jeff Corwin Wednesday afternoon. I know how much homeschool kids (and moms) love Corwin Quest on Animal Planet so what I would like to do is ask the kids for their questions!

Have your kids leave me their questions in the comments area and I will ask Jeff as many as I have time for. The interview is being taped so check back on Friday to see what his answers are!

As part of this campaign kids can also enter the Lunchables Animal Planet Sweepstakes!

Through May 3, 2010, kids can enter for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston with their family where they‘ll spend three days with Jeff Corwin, learning about their favorite animals. Entering is easy – simply log onto www.lunchables.com and answer an animal-themed trivia question. Ten lucky winners and their families will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the New England Aquarium and Franklin Park Zoo as well as an exclusive welcome dinner with Jeff Corwin.

My Favorite Science Gifts

Oh my! I am such a slacker! A few weeks ago (ok, maybe more than a few) I received another AWESOME package from Steve Spangler Science full of goodies from their holiday gift guide.

Here is what was in my box when I opened it:

Galileo Thermometer & Barometer

I absolutely, positively love this. We have it set up in the living room. It came with great instructions on how to set it up. The kids are having a lot of fun comparing this to the digital weather station we have. I was really excited about it because we have long called Carter our little barometer as the weather change often sets off a shunt headache for him. We are using this to compare the changes with his headaches. Plus, it just looks so cool!

Mentos Geyser Tube

Steve also sent me over the new depth charge for the mentos geyser as well as the traditional release contraption he first came out with. We had a lot of fun with both but prefer the new depth charge one. It essentially sinks the mentos to the bottom for the explosion to start.

Air Burst Rockets

Incredibly high shooting rocket. It can fly 600 feet in the air. Need I say more? If there is a more perfect toy for boys, I don’t what it would be. We had to take it to the park around the corner. I didn’t get video of my kiddos with it but this one from the boys at Steve’s office is pretty amazing:

Boom Splat Kablooey – Klutz Book

This one is under the tree. Shhhh…….

Disclosure: As noted Steve Spangler Science provided me with these products to review at no charge. I do truly, truly love Steve Spangler Science which is why I write about them as I often as I do:)