INCREDIBLE Time at Disney On Ice

A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful opportunity by MomCentral to be a Feld Family Activator by attending the show and giving away tickets. Last night was the opening night for Disney On Ice here in Denver. The show was INCREDIBLE. The Incredible’s (aka The Parr Family) take a vacation to Disneyland where they try their hardest to blend in as a ‘normal’ family. But the evil Syndrome shows up and captures Minnie and Mickey. The Incredible’s of course, save the day and all ends well. We had a great time as a family. Parking is really easy at the Coliseum which was a big plus!

All of the Feld Family Activators got together before the show and were treated to a dinner, character meeting, and lots of fun souveneirs for the kiddo’s. It was a wonderful night. I had a great time meeting some of my twitter friends in real life: @KristieMcNealy @geekymommy @milehighmamas @amnichols

If you have not yet bought your tickets to the show, use the code on this flyer to get a family four pack for $44. That is just a little more than the cost of going to the movies and so much more memorable.

I also heard that MomCentral is looking for moms in other cities who may be interested in being a part of the Feld Family Activators. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience!

Excited for Disney Convention

I will be at this with bells on. Please try to join me!

For 2009, we are going even bigger and better – it will be a conference. Not just a conference, but the first-ever HOME EDUCATION conference held at a Disneyland hotel! Our official Not Back to School Days Rally and Conference dates are September 14-17, 2009.

Through your feedback and surveys, we have also added more park hopper days, even lower pricing on the hotel rooms, added a second Disney hotel for more choice, and are planning a host of activities to provide opportunities to meet new friends and mingle. There will be T-shirts and buttons – so people can identify each other in the parks. The theme of the conference is “Be an Example” and we are planning to bring in lots of opportunities to do just that! With a conference abound, we will have opportunities to share the joys of homeschooling with many people who have always wondered, but never took the initiative to learn anything about home education. Disney is providing us with plenty of signage and exposure, so all the families who are there on vacation will know that there is a homeschool conference going on. We are hoping they will ask you questions, or stop in at the conference center, and become inspired.

So we need YOU to be there and be an example for homeschooling, and share your joys and experiences. In case you are wondering, I am not alone this year. We have an excellent committee, and more volunteers are popping up every day to help out. They are contacting exhibitors, speakers, and helping to organize everything. It’s so exciting to be able to have a conference and to contribute to the growth of homeschooling!

This year’s registration page has been simplified, you will find the YES classes on the second page after you choose which of the 2, 3, 4, or 5 day park hoppers you want. There is so much to see, just check it out:

Hope to see you again in September!

Dianne McLean

SHEA Regional Director

Disneyland Homeschool Rally

The official 3rd Annual Not Back to School Days Rally™ at Disneyland – September 14-17, 2009 – is now going to offer a full service conference and you won’t want to miss it!

This is a great opportunity to show the public what homeschooling is really all about – and celebrate our right to homeschool – as we embark in one of the most family-friendly places on earth – Disneyland! The highlights for this year’s Rally and Conference are:

- Deeply discounted group rates on park hopper tickets
- Y.E.S. classes taught by Disney staff – learn concepts in Physics, Animation, History, Leadership
- Conference with exhibit hall, speakers, workshops, more
- Food discounts at the conference
- Deeply discounted hotel rooms at Disney hotels
- Homeschool Talent Show
- Homecoming Dance for Teens
- Welcome Reception to meet new friends
- Twilight sessions for parents after the parks close
- Gifts and Talents Fair (show off your favorite subject)
- T-Shirts and Buttons to identify homeschoolers in the parks
- Souvenir Program

Membership in SHEA is not required to attend any of these activities. To find out more about this year’s rally, please visit our website:

To go straight to the reservations page, use this link:

Hope to see you!
Dianne McLean
Regional Director