Great, Free Online Math Games Target Specific Skills

I know there are tons of places to look for free learning games but I am posting a great list that tells you which MATH objectives each of the games are targeting. Most of these games work well for the 3rd-7th grade. There are currently 64 games listed. All are free! If you have some you would like to add please send me a comment about it. My kids really like the Karate Lizard Game for practicing multiplication and division facts! Click here to view the list.

Student Rewards and Free Incentives!

Here is a list of programs that offer freebies and student incentives. Most of these are centered around student report cards. That is the great thing! Just print out YOUR report of how well your student is doing. They count too!

Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese’s program Tokens For Grades Up to a 15 token maximum, kids can receive 3 tokens for each “A”, 2 tokens for each “B” and 1 token for each “C” on their report card. You should be able to benefit from the program if you have any documentation showing a student’s progress and explain to the manager that they are homeschooled.

McDonald’s Students with a straight “A” report card receive: Kindergarten-5th
grades – free Happy Meal. 6th-12th grades – free Value Meal

Peter Piper various incentive awards:

Pizza Hut Book It
(you can sign up as an individual homeschooler….and I think you can still sign up even though it’s past the deadline)

Pizza Hut 3 A’s program:

Also, Mimi’s Cafe has teacher incentives/rewards, and students! They are great about sending them out to groups!

Disney Homeschool Days

Disney Homeschool Days
January 14-15, 2008

I LOVED the Disney Youth Education Series. I so wish that we could go to this next year but our 14 day (yes, we are INSANE) trip to DisneyWorld last year sort of blew our budget. Anyway, hope someone out there gets a chance to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Are your homeschoolers ready to push their education to the next level, or simply needing a new out-of-the-box challenge? Disney Homeschool Days offer exciting programs that are sure to enhance and add a new level to your homeschool curriculum. Pre-registration ends January 7, 2008 in order for materials and tickets to be mailed out for your convenience.

Disney Speaker Series – Disney professionals will engage students on the topics of culture and science. Your students will also receive a work book for each series! $43.15*

* Passport Around the World –Learn about their lives growing up in other countries and how they have adapted to life in the United States
* Science, Disney Style – Disney professionals share how science is the building block to all that we do here at Walt Disney World® Resort!

Self-Guided Booklet – Disney Homeschool Days participants receive these workbook materials with your Disney Homeschool Days ticket. These workbooks are yours to keep, as you take advantage of additional learning opportunities around Epcot®.

Open Enrollment in Disney Youth Education Series – This gives your students the opportunity to join one of our most popular Disney Y.E.S. Programs. $24.00**

* Dynamics of Technology Monday, January 14 only
* Everyday Chemistry Tuesday, January 15 only
* Synergy in Science Monday, January 14 & Tuesday, January 15
* NEW! Disney’s Ocen Discoveries Monday, January 14 & Tuesday, January 15

Not only is this great opportunity for your students to grow, but a fantastic way for your students to network and learn with other homeschoolers. Disney Homeschool Days welcomes individual homeschooolers as well as groups of 10 or more. Parents and extra guests can also join in on the activities taking place and designed specifically for you.

Specially-priced Disney Homeschool Days packages are available. Book today as space fills up quickly. Pre-registration ends on January 7, 2008 in order for materials and tickets to be mailed out for your convenience. Plus, groups receive one complimentary ticket for every 10 purchased!

Make your plans to visit us during Disney Homeschool Days this September! For more information, please call 1-877-939-6884 or click here.

*Disney Homeschool Days Package includes admission to Epcot®, self-guided workbooks and the Speaker Series for $43.15 **Add-on a Disney Y.E.S. program for $24.00. Form of payment accepted are credit cards or cashier’s check.

For more info go to the official page