Day Trip to Calico for Civil War Days

If you missed my post about our fun day at Civil War Reenactment, you can read it here. These events are so much fun and really brings history to life. Here is some information about a day trip one of the groups in our area has put together. Have fun!

The deadline for registration has been moved up to Friday, February 8th.

This will be an interesting day trip, and since the Nevada Civil War History Association is a Nevada 501(c)3 non-profit group, each person who attends the trip to Calico will receive a letter of receipt for their payment with the EIN number of the NCWHA. Your payment is tax deductable.

The Nevada Civil War History Association (NCWHA), is hosting a bus trip to Calico Ghost Town on Silver State Coaches on Saturday, February 16th.

The tour bus will leave the Meadows Mall (at the Dillard’s lower level entrance) at 8:00am on Saturday morning, and return by 7:30pm. We will spend the day at the Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, California. This is one of the oldest silver mining ghost towns in the West. For President’s Day weekend, they are having a special event- a Civil War Reenactment event.

There will be hundreds of reenactors attending from the Southwest states, and Generals Grant and Lee will be there, along with
President Lincoln. Watch two exciting battles during the day, one at 11:45am and one at 2:30pm, visit soldier camps, hear the canons blast, see a Ladies Civil War era fashion show, crafts, blacksmithing, mining tours and visit the Calico shops. Hear
President Lincoln recite the Gettysburg Address in the Calico town square.

It’s an enjoyable day, and a chance to see history come to life in the Old West! The Nevada Civil War History Association is a local Las Vegas non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization made up of volunteers who present living history programs to the Las Vegas
schools. Come along with us to enjoy a fun Saturday Day Trip, and join us for only $35 per person. This includes the roundtrip
transportation and the admission to the event. The admission to the event is $10, and we include this cost in the fee for the bus trip.

We will stop for a break in Baker, California, on the way to Calico, and again on the way back to Las Vegas. This is a convenient and comfortable way to attend one of the most interesting venues for a Civil War reenactment that is near the Las Vegas area. If you are visiting Las Vegas during this weekend, this day trip is also a fabulous one day adventure that allows you to experience some of the sights away from the Strip, and to see a little of our Old West.

The registration deadline is February 8th. Please contact Don Hotchkiss if you need more information or have any questions. Don can be reached at (702) 875-1893.

The payment for the trip is tax deductable, and you will receive a letter of receipt for your payment. Also, if for any reason, the
trip is canceled, everyone will receive a full refund.

Henderson Bird Preserve Activities

I just saw this posted on another group and thought I would pass it
on. We will probably try to catch at least one of these.

The Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson is offering classes for homeschoolers.


Join the Bird Viewing Preserve staff for a fun series of classes about birds in the Las Vegas Valley. Certificate of completion
for students who attend all four classes. The programs will provide a fun learning experience for all age groups. Grades 1-12.


Study what allows a bird to fly. Examine feathers and learn the aerodynamics of flight. For advance students, we will
discuss wing-shape and flight patterns as well as internal bird anatomy. In the field, observe what you have learned in the
classroom and begin your “life list”!
Feb 11 M 10:30-11:30 am $3 191006-63


Learn the unique tools each bird utilizes for feeding, nest building and defense. Discover why some birds have long bills
and others have webbed feet. Younger students will enjoy an active game matching beaks and feet. Older students will be
introduced to ecological concepts of niche and competition. While visiting the ponds, observe what you have learned in
the classroom and add to your “life list.”
Mar 10 M 10:30-11:30 am $3 191007-63


Unlock the mysteries of migration, molting and mating. Much of bird behavior is related to breeding. Learn the why’s,
when’s and where’s of migration. Learn how birds attract mates. Learn about nest building and egg production. Younger
students can attempt to “build” a nest and older students can dissect an egg. In the field look for early signs of spring
breeding behavior. Add to your “life list.”
Mar 24 M 10:30-11:30 am $3 191008-63


Learn the basics of bird communication. Bird calls and songs proclaim territories, warn of predators and identify a species.
Students will learn to distinguish several bird calls before going into the field to practice.
Apr 14 M 10:30-11:30 am $3 191009-63\


NV Youth Legislative Issues Forum

Greetings all,

A new program has been started called the Nevada Youth Legislative Issues Forum.
This forum is designed to allow our youth to participate in current political
issues, and to gain an understanding of our government by being an active part
in it!

Senator Valerie Wiener, who helped create this forum, is not only an advocate
for youth, but also for homeschooling. The application process is open to
homeschoolers. Applicants must be in the incoming 9th-12 grade. There will be
21 youth chosen. For more information concerning the Forum please visit the
Forum’s webpage located on the Legislature’s website ( and
review the attached documents!

Attached are electronic copies of: (1) the cover letter from Senator Wiener to
homeschool educators; (2) S.B. 247 which created the Forum; and (3) the
application for the Forum.
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the
Constituent Services Unit of the Legislative Counsel Bureau at (775) 687-8620
or at

This is a great opportunity to be active in civics and to make a mark in future
legislative sessions. Thanks to Senator Wiener for making this possible for us!

Elissa Wahl
Officer Nevada Homeschool Network