I Think I Might Be a Diva

Oh, help me…..

It’s coming to my attention that they way I like things might be a little weird.Maybe a little diva-y?

I guess I have a weird quirk. When traveling I like having my own hotel room. Not when we are traveling with family, but I will get to that in a minute, but traveling on what I would term ‘business’. I really won’t ever explore sharing, even if it means me paying more.

I’m planning on attending a conference in a few weeks with lots of work and personal friends and everyone sort of wants to have a big sleepover during the conference. Sharing rooms and even beds. This is how people typically afford and enjoy blogger conferences. It’s kind of the sleep over type of fun that most girls enjoy.

So, this is where I think I may be a diva.  I LOVE the parties, will stay up late, have a ball but when it comes to sleeping I just NEED my personal space. Even if it is only to catch 3 hours of sleep a night.

This really has bugged me the last few days. It seems like absolutely no one I talk to feels the same way. Everyone seems to be perfectly comfortable finding another blogger, even if they have never met in real life, and sharing a room. So, what the hell is wrong with me???

In my pondering I started thinking about this. In my whole life I can count the number of sleep overs I attended on my hand. Would love to go and hangout but would rather go home and sleep in my own bed. Even as a little kid.

In college I lasted about a week with 4 roommates. I moved out so fast it wasn’t funny to my own dorm. I did move my cat in though. Oh, God, does that mean I am going to become a creepy old lady who dies alone with 80 cats?

Loved being in a sorority and visiting the house rooms. Never in a million years could I have lived there.

So, I guess it isn’t a money thing cause lord knows I am still paying my college loans and living on my own was sure a part of that.

Is it then sort of a spoiled only child thing (all brothers and sisters moved out by the time I was born)???? I don’t know because my oldest is the exact same way. I remember the night we were all on vacation and he was maybe 8 and we were ‘camping’ in a really nice hotel but staying all in the same room. He woke me up with a psychotic look in his eyes and said “I am going to kill someone if I ever have to sleep in the same room with you all again”. From that day on, we have never booked a family vacation where he had to share a room. He just can’t deal without having a little place to escape to and I totally get that. Yeah, we have never really CAMPED as a family either. That idea sends me into little panic attacks.

So, yes. People will tell you that have known me for years that I have these little odd quirks. I do other things when traveling that are weird…I travel and/or stop for two things….my favorite coffee cream and diet coke with lime. I’m just cranky with out it.

Most people would describe me as pretty social I think. So, what is it about the sleeping that makes me so uncomfortable?

Does being un-adaptable make me a diva? I hope not. Does it make me weird? I don’t know….what do you think?

The Eagles: Assisted Living Tour

Want to feel young again? Get some tickets to go see the Eagles. I guarantee if you are under 50 you will feel like a child again.

More than half the people rockin the Mosh Pit (so 80′s of me) had walkers or canes.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a teensy bit but not all that much, I swear.

I knew I was in trouble when the woman next to me started air guitaring. No kidding. This at least 60 year old lady who looked so conservative she might be trying for a seat on Supreme Court starts friggin’ air guitaring. She was wearing an outfit straight out of the Talbots conservative line.  I about spit my drink out it was so hilarious. But that would have been a waste of a good margarita and my conscious just couldn’t allow it.

Don Henley will be 63 this summer. Madonna is 50. Crap, even Jon Bon Jovi is pushing 50.

I don’t know if other people play this little mind trick on themselves but I do. I still see myself as a teenager (hence the limited amounts of mirrors I look in). Therefore, all of my favorite  musicians should be too. Do you do that? or am I the only weird one who thinks time is standing still?

I knew it was all going to hell in a hand-basket when Kid Rock incorporated Sweet Home Alabama as a days gone by song. He is a year younger than me.

and speaking volumes of the age of the crowd last night, when I left I got a coupon to see

We are going to see U2 in a few weeks. I am thinking about borrowing one of Carters wheelchairs just so I fit in :)

A Pink Frosting Birthday

Hey all–have been super sick this week so not much energy to post. However, my friend Maryann has an awesome story to share! Hope you all love it as much as I did!

Maryann lives in Littleton, CO with her wonderful husband, their two fabulous (most of the time) teenagers and a large assortment of lovable pets. She is currently interviewing artists for her upcoming book.  Her blog is www.artists.50interviews.com

A Pink Frosting Birthday

We really lucked out with the weather that day.   When the rain began, I worried it may ruin our backyard birthday party.  Our daughter Stella and friends were celebrating her third birthday, and she was quite ready for cake.  Soon the sun burst out and a brilliant rainbow arched above.  Parents pulled out cameras and snapped away.  The rain dried up as fast as it came.  Cake eating could commence!

Stella, the birthday girl, was proudly wearing her favorite lacy, pink Barbie dress and couldn’t have been more excited to notice she matched the Barbie cake I had so painstakingly crafted that morning.

These kinds of baking projects always look easier than they are.  The inverted 8 cup measuring glass produced a gorgeous skirt-shaped cake.  Unfortunately, Barbie only sank up to her thighs in the soft white cake mound.  It turned out to be easier to make another cake than to cut off Barbie’s legs.  I know, because my husband and I tried!  Needless to say, wire cutters, pliers and a steak knife weren’t up to the task of rendering a shorter Barbie.  I then hastily prepared a small cake to place on top of the first cake.  It was soon trimmed to size and set into place.  I frosted the cake around a carefully positioned Barbie.  The pink of the frosting matched Stella’s dress to perfection.  White frosting was stuffed into the cake decorator to embellish Barbie’s full length pink skirt with garlands and rosettes.  Two big puffs of frosting were applied to her ample chest and Barbie was ready for her birthday debut.

The sun was shining and it was time for cake!  I picked up Stella and plopped her upon the picnic table.  Her plump, little, bare feet poked out of her lacy pink skirt.  The Barbie cake was ceremoniously placed in front of her and her proud smile was caught on film for a cherished family memory.

The little pink dress is now tucked away in my daughter’s scrap-box of mementos.  That home and big backyard are just a memory too.  It’s still there; it just houses another happy family now.

I’ve made many cakes and enjoyed many rainbows since that day.  But that particular day with my family, including both a rainbow and a cake, remains one of my favorites.

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