Forever Memories

Bob’s parents are here this week and while our schedule is hectic, we have had some time to talk, laugh and stroll down memory lane. Tonight over a quick and early dinner they told stories of the times they would ski with their young kids and how those were some of the happiest family times they had. They had some great stories to tell of kids skiing off into tree areas, lift ‘incidents’ and a hysterical one about someone (who shall remain nameless) tried to stop someone else from losing control by sticking a poll between their skis. Think on that one for a minute…

That conversation left me thinking about our family trips and how I have always held them as sacred. We have had some real ups and downs on family trips, from panic attacks on the plane (me! Stupid stewardess burned the pilots dinner and I was SURE the plane was on fire) to memories that will, hopefully, last a life time (Carter taking his first steps right down the middle of Main Street, USA). Family trips have bonded us all with common experiences that we have all learned from.

Will my kids someday sit around the dinner table and laugh about when Dad fell off the ski lift, or commiserate over the day I drug them through NASA instead of taking them to Disneyworld????

I hope so….

*Sony’s Open Season 3 will be released on DVD Jan. 25. I able to review the movie early for this post. We’ll be talking about sweet family travel memories and giving away prizes during our Jan. 24 TravelingMom Monday Twitter party. If you’d like a chance to win, please click here to get the details on how to enter. And, if you’ve still got little ones, they can get a taste of the Open Season characters Boog and his friends with online games Cannonball and Jamboree.

Christmas Vacation

11 days ago, 14 days of family time sounded glorious. Yeah, I’m over it. We all are. But we did have a really nice holiday. Christmas was quiet after our return from Park City. Here are the trip diaries posted on the Snowmamas site if you would like to read about the trip:

Below is video of Carter trying out the new Kart-ski if you missed it on Facebook. He really liked this new ski and I am thinking he will want to stick with this.

I’m happy to report because of our experience at Gorgoza Park, Park City Mountain Resort has taken steps to make the area wheelchair accessible. YAY!

It was a techie Christmas around here and among the presents under the tree were the XBOX Kinect, a new laptop, cell phones, Nook, and plenty of video games. Lots of money spent and it didn’t amount to a whole lot of ‘stuff’ under the tree. I actually miss the days when we could spend $100 on big plastic toys that made the house look like it was going to explode.

I decided not to send Christmas cards this year and I am not feeling guilty about it.

Disclaimer: I am compensated in a variety of ways to participate in the Park City Mountain Resorts Snowmamas program. Yay me!

Been A Long, Hot Mess

Oh wow. Where to start? Two weeks ago I went to Phoenix and helped my mom move here to CO. It was a long, hard week on us all. My family has been in that house close to 70 years and every square inch of it shows it. From the spices from Grandma that were never thrown away~she died in 1976 (GROSS!) to the handprints in the cement of me as a kid and my boys too as things were added on. That house was full of ghosts. Both my great uncle and aunt died in the living room in the same spot years apart. They were peaceful and watchful ghosts and it was hard to send them on their way. But is was time. We spent time visiting all the graves, even driving down to Ajo, AZ where I had my car checked and identity questioned by border patrol because seriously what is a good reason to give a border patrol guard for visiting Ajo?

I passed a digital sign at one point from my moms to my in laws that showed the temperature as 122 degrees. I only pray that was wrong. It felt it.

We attended a retirement party for my mom. Yes, at 81 she finally retired. I hope I have that kind of stamina at her age. I don’t think I will though. I think that comes from a generation that fought so hard for everything. Lets face it, our generation is kinda wimpy. I am OK with that. Shoot, get me a rocking chair now!

Carter had an awesome birthday party thrown by Grandma with his cousins. It was so so wonderful to spend time with our family.

Things are still buzzing with school starting and doctors appointments and the mountains and mountains of boxes from AZ. But we are good. I am exhausted, we all are, but happy and that is all that matters.

Miss everyone!