“Man”-staches and Me

This morning I asked Bob to teach Con how to shave using a razor. Connor has been shaving at least a year now but uses an electric shaver. I have asked him all week to shave and his response is that he can’t find his razor since we redid everything downstairs.

So, I have had enough of that and informed Bob that he needs to teach his son to use a razor so there are no excuses anymore. I threw in the line “…and teach Carter too, he really needs to start shaving” (although I really only want him to use an electric one at this point). Carter, who has super hero hearing if his name is mentioned and is deaf any other time, yells….”NO! I am not shaving my manstache“. I answer, “oh, yes you are, we told you and your brother no facial hair to you are at least 16” (Connor can’t anyway for highschool) Carter’s response…

That is not fair. You get to have a mustache


Best Carterism EV’AH

Carter to Dad:

What is a housewife?

Sad thing? Neither of us had a clue how to explain that. Best example I could come up with in modern culture? Marge Simpson.

Done With Chicks

For those of you who don’t know Club Penguin is quite the dating scene for younger kids.┬áCarter has had this girl “chick” (which is appropriate to say since she is a penguin) following him around asking him to “be more than friends”. Here is their conversation:

Carter: Listen
Chick: You listen
Carter: We are not meant to be
Chick: does *crying* sign
Carter: We are just not compatible
Chick: We are not over yet

Mama always told him chicks can be crazy……

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