The Big Day Is Finally Here!

No, not my birthday-that is Thursday, silly. Which means you totally have time to get a present overnighted at this point.

I meant- It’s moving day…

Having a blog is a lot like having a party at your house. Except you never know when someone is going to drop in. Which means you sort of have to keep it ready for guests at anytime.

And just like your house, after a while the walls need a fresh coat of paint, the weeds need to be pulled and it probably wouldn’t hurt to clear out some of those junk drawers.

Can you believe I have been blogging now for 5 years? What started out as a way to update family has certainly taken me on a roller coaster ride in that time. That metaphor is totally intended by the way.

Sure, I have been playing around online creating, running, selling sites for the last 12 years as I went about my merry way but my little blog? Pretty much always been my quiet space to just write and talk about the kids.

But a funny thing happened in all those years. My kiddos sort of grew up. My youngest will be a teen very soon and my oldest, driving. And remember how mortified you were by the fact that your parents dared to breathe as a teenager? Well, multiple that by about 1 million times and you may have an idea of how embarrassing it is to have all of this history online about them. I am assured I am quite literally ruining their lives…and apparently I am a little creepy too?

Mom Off Track New LogoSo, dear friends, we are packing up and moving on. No, not just me….you too! The boys are mortified that 1000’s of strangers know that they like their names spelled out in tater tots and that they were completely satisfied that I got rid of all the monsters under their bed by using lavender air freshener. What they don’t realize is that you are not strangers at all. You’re my friends from all over the world. You’re not creepy stalker people AT ALL! Well, not all of you anyway.

So, grab a box—and not just a light one—we have people to see and things to do, and there is something fun already waiting for you! *sounds creepishly like Dr. Seuss, doesn’t it?* Whatever. Get yourself on over to Mom Off Track and check out the new digs with fabulous graphics done by Chris Bird. While you are there, sign up for the new feed and please ‘like Mom Off Track’ on Facebook.  Mom Off Track has a mobile version too! See you soon!