Haunted History & Bucket Lists

Just FYI that I am back on my genealogy kick. Don’t know why. Just am. Roll with it, k?

I love haunted houses. House histories and ghost stories are the stuff sweet dreams are made of. So, imagine my excitement when I found the house of my great-grandfather 7 TIMES removed is in the National Registry and tours are offered!!! The Van Wickle House is preserved in an area called “The Meadows” in Somerset, NJ . It’s a modest Dutch farmhouse but, O M G! The house is available with many of the belongings to tour???

Freaking cool, huh?

Even more cool?

It’s been reported in several places as being haunted with 5 spirits-him and his wife are the most prevalent of the 5!

OK, I am about to pee my pants now, or go book airline tickets. Someone hold me back. Or offer me a place to stay if you’re near there.

This tops my 2011 Bucket List….what’s on yours?