Christmas Vacation

11 days ago, 14 days of family time sounded glorious. Yeah, I’m over it. We all are. But we did have a really nice holiday. Christmas was quiet after our return from Park City. Here are the trip diaries posted on the Snowmamas site if you would like to read about the trip:

Below is video of Carter trying out the new Kart-ski if you missed it on Facebook. He really liked this new ski and I am thinking he will want to stick with this.

I’m happy to report because of our experience at Gorgoza Park, Park City Mountain Resort has taken steps to make the area wheelchair accessible. YAY!

It was a techie Christmas around here and among the presents under the tree were the XBOX Kinect, a new laptop, cell phones, Nook, and plenty of video games. Lots of money spent and it didn’t amount to a whole lot of ‘stuff’ under the tree. I actually miss the days when we could spend $100 on big plastic toys that made the house look like it was going to explode.

I decided not to send Christmas cards this year and I am not feeling guilty about it.

Disclaimer: I am compensated in a variety of ways to participate in the Park City Mountain Resorts Snowmamas program. Yay me!

WHY Do People Keep Calling Barb a SnowMama?

Park City Mountain Resort Snowmamas Rock!Answers for my poor confused friends as to why people keep referring to their sun worshiping friend Barb as a “SnowMama” exist here. It’s amazing the depths mothers will go to for their children. I am a SnowMama and more than proud of it!

Disclaimer: I am compensated in a variety of incredible ways to participate as a Snowmama. However, I truly believe PCMR and NAC rock or I wouldn’t bring my family there!

Latest WikiLeaks Scandel

In a surprising announcement this morning, Bearemy, the head bear in charge of Carters stuffed animals has revealed they are preparing for the worst. It is now being widely speculated that the secret bear stuff formula may be among the documents Assange is preparing to release next. We asked many of animals for their reaction…

I'm shocked. Interpol has our full cooperation.

I'm so scared! This could be the end of the stuffed animal industry as we know it. BTW-does this shirt make me look fat?

All stuffed animals need to take necessary precautions. I am busy sniffing out more details and will update you as necessary

I have the encryption key and I am not afraid to release it. Power to the people-keep the net free baby!

Busy making love not war....

Bwwwaahhhhaa, Bearemy will ultimately learn the truth...