Thanks and Giving-Not Your Typical Post

Well, the turkey is brining thanks to Bob, the fridge is stocked, the fireplace is on and yet I don’t feel very festive. I am having a hard time getting into the holiday mood here. I wish it would snow *yes, I hear your collective gasps*, I wish my dad was here, and I wish we didn’t have surgery hanging over our heads.

I want to be thankful for the thousands of blessingsPeople making peace sign from,r:6,s:4&biw=956&bih=437 in my life yet I find myself thinking how ridiculous all this fan-fare is. I have been that way for years. While I love the family time of Christmas and Thanksgiving, I can never really buy into them knowing that history has been altered so tragically to fit neatly into our calendars. Why do we have one day of the year that we are reminded to be thankful? Shouldn’t we always be? Shouldn’t every day be a day of thanks for the bounty we have? Shouldn’t every day be a day of peace and love and celebrations of the miracles of this world?And if we are going to teach our children about traditions and history, shouldn’t we at least do it in the right season?

Maybe its the little rebel in me that just hates to be told “today is the day you should be thankful” and “this is the season of giving” or maybe it is because I come from a family that tended to work most holidays that it seems so anti-climatic to pull out the pomp and circumstance just because Congress deemed the 4th Thursday of Nov to be the big day. In my family, our feast of thanks was when everyone had the day off-usually the Sunday before.

I actually teach my children to not give at the holidays. I know this seems odd but when I taught at a school for homeless children in my much younger days, the kids would get SO much at the holidays and then nothing all year. We give quietly in the months when it isn’t expected to give. It helps me be true to my beliefs that every day should be a day of thanks and giving.


  1. I love the lesson you’ve instilled in your children about giving year-round. Your unique perspective from seeing those kids go without after the Holidays, is a good reminder for us all that giving shouldn’t just be an annual event.

    I know how hard it is to be grateful in the midst of the storm, and you are definitely up against some strong winds, but through it all you still manage to be one of the most gracious women I have ever known. I’m sure your Dad is so proud of you!

    Blessings to you and your sweet family, not just tomorrow, but every day.

  2. Theresa berntson says:

    I have lost so much this year yet I’ve gained so much.My daughter’s voice,Grandson’s laughter, Son in law great sense of humor,dogs(?)there are times that are Dark but then Paul @ Dad puts on the light and I see it clearly. We will have a great day (how much WINE can I bring) bread is a must.

  3. After reading your 1st sentences on FB I rushed 2 your site looking for inspiration. I needed something to get me in the spirit on this holiday. Well the jokes on me. Bob is home and for that I know you are thankful! Gobble, Gobble and hugs to all.