It’s a Well Deserved Crappy Mood I Am In…

I just sat down to tell you all about my crappy day and I coughed. It happened so fast I forgot to cover my mouth. I just coughed a loogie all over my computer screen. Not kidding! Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that….

Last night as we were supposed to sit down to enjoy the turkey for the second attempt (the first was unsuccessful do to the bleeding turkey that greeted us out of the oven) we hear an ominous beep. Remember the $60,000 bed? It was beeping—-AGAIN—-for the fourth time in less than 2 weeks. And I do mean RIGHT when we were finally sitting down!

When it beeps it shuts down and you have to call for service. I picked up the phone dreading that I would be ruining the sweet older gentleman who has to come out everytime I call no matter what the time or day. I didn’t have the heart to make him come out last night so Carter slept on the couch until the am.

This morning out servicemen came. They were here for 5 hours. Essentially ruining any plans we had for the day but it was worth it if this bed was going to stop beeping. Off they finally went and we let the bed warm up. At 7 we got Carter all ready to go get back in the bed (now 24 hours out of it) and watch a movie. He gets in the bed and what happens? sand coming out of clinitron bed

That, my dear friends, is what the sand that is supposed to be in the bed looks like as it leaks out slowly onto my floor. There are piles like this all around the bed.

So Carter goes back to the couch and the poor serviceman is on his way back out to my house. He will be here around 9pm.

I am NOT a happy person.

Thanks and Giving-Not Your Typical Post

Well, the turkey is brining thanks to Bob, the fridge is stocked, the fireplace is on and yet I don’t feel very festive. I am having a hard time getting into the holiday mood here. I wish it would snow *yes, I hear your collective gasps*, I wish my dad was here, and I wish we didn’t have surgery hanging over our heads.

I want to be thankful for the thousands of blessingsPeople making peace sign from,r:6,s:4&biw=956&bih=437 in my life yet I find myself thinking how ridiculous all this fan-fare is. I have been that way for years. While I love the family time of Christmas and Thanksgiving, I can never really buy into them knowing that history has been altered so tragically to fit neatly into our calendars. Why do we have one day of the year that we are reminded to be thankful? Shouldn’t we always be? Shouldn’t every day be a day of thanks for the bounty we have? Shouldn’t every day be a day of peace and love and celebrations of the miracles of this world?And if we are going to teach our children about traditions and history, shouldn’t we at least do it in the right season?

Maybe its the little rebel in me that just hates to be told “today is the day you should be thankful” and “this is the season of giving” or maybe it is because I come from a family that tended to work most holidays that it seems so anti-climatic to pull out the pomp and circumstance just because Congress deemed the 4th Thursday of Nov to be the big day. In my family, our feast of thanks was when everyone had the day off-usually the Sunday before.

I actually teach my children to not give at the holidays. I know this seems odd but when I taught at a school for homeless children in my much younger days, the kids would get SO much at the holidays and then nothing all year. We give quietly in the months when it isn’t expected to give. It helps me be true to my beliefs that every day should be a day of thanks and giving.

Toy Story Themed Room Part 2

SORRY! I know I promised you all a room update this weekend. The time just slipped away…OK, so without further ado here is the part 2 of the Toy Story themed room. There will absolutely be more parts because I am just getting rolling here!

Here is a picture of the infamous $60,000.00 bed that prompted this redecoration. It is a Clinitron Air Fluidized hospital bed that is essential for Carter right now. It is gosh awful ugly but working like a charm. Next to it is what I have done to make it more kid friendly and less hospital like. I added the headboard which is actually a folded down pop up tent in the shape of a rocket and some simple Toy Story bedding from Target.

Toy Story Hospital Bed
It is supposed to be all fluffy like that. When you lay on it you get the feeling of being in a warm jacuzzi. It feels wonderful. Carter hates it because it feels bubbly all the time. Kids, I swear…

Next I added a sheriffs badge which I had custom done super cheap on eBay and we hung parachute men from the ceiling (idea from this Toy Story YouTube)

custom toy story wall badge

Still to come…

  • Giant Etch A Sketch wall calendar
  • Pictures of all the glow in the dark stickies
  • Entertainment Station- Command Central

Have some good ideas for me to add? PLEASE share…