A Toast Is In Order…

Identifying mostly with our Irish ancestry, we would like to raise our glasses and hearts to the best Chardonnay of our time!

Chardonnay the White Lab

Our 13 year old white lab will be missed terribly by the grownups, the boys and dogs. Baxter, the cat, probably not so much.

So goodbye our sweetheart. You filled our home and hearts with many licks and kisses. You were there to be a walking buddy and our protector from fierce squirrels and fox. You knew when we just needed a place to rest our hand and think about life and when the boys needed a playmate. You knew your grandmother role to Nala was important in shaping her behaviors. You showed her how to be a loving part of a family, be close when needed, and to spring into activity when times called for it.You made me feel safe when Bob traveled as I knew your super-hearing would alert me should anything go wrong at night.

In dogs memory plaqueWe were lucky to have you be in our lives and we will always hold a place in our hearts and home for you. Carter painted your plaque from the vet and we strung it together with your tags and a pretty pink ribbon that is just perfect for you. We have your paw-print hanging right over your spot where I can still sense you hanging around with us. Nala and Buddy sense you still around as well. Buddy is more playful and less afraid than Nala, but still he can be seen looking for you. Nala went over to the corner with her tailed tucked after smelling your collar.

G0 play and be happy where your body won’t hurt. Let my dad through you the ball. Sooner or later we will all catch up to you and we will be so happy to have you make us feel welcome and safe once again!

The One In Which I Talk About You All

Today my friend Fiona sent out this message on twitter:

tweet from @banteringblonde

She goes on to explain that she thought it was funny that her spotting of ’12 flakes’ is inciting a blizzard panic in Denver.  I answered her with this:

tweet from @chaotic_barbWhich made me think. Fiona lives about 25 mins from me in an area that typically gets milder weather than we do out here half way to Kansas. If this had been two years ago, I would have TOTALLY run to the store in a panic to fill what Bob calls the ‘Armageddon Room’ to the hilt with canned food and extra batteries.

Then I started thinking more. Snow is pretty likely in the next few weeks. I haven’t done a thing to prepare and then it hit me,  I finally feel comfortable here. I feel like this is home.

I guess it sometimes takes those small things to make you realize that a while ago you stopped pouting about moving and moved on.

It hasn’t been easy. Today I remembered the first time I drove in the snow. I had been careful all winter to avoid going out in it. Truly, I was scared to death of it. Then I was at a charity party on the other side of town and it starting blizzarding (is that a word?). I had just met this nice person that I had been talking with on twitter the past few months. She lived near me and offered to have me follow her home. She must have thought I was crazy. And by the way, if you ask Lucretia now about that night, she will tell you it was barely snowing. She lies. That is all I am saying. I do love her though. We all have faults right?

How did I go from being scared to death to drive in the snow to calling this place home?

Besides meeting Lucretia that first winter, I met Heidi, who started doing my hair and has evolved into a shining light in my life. Heidi introduced me to Katherine and Cat and Cyndie and Kate who did more for me in our Saturday morning coffees than I am sure they knew.  I met Amber (in Chicago of all places) and she welcomed me into the Mile High Mamas where I met so many wonderful people like Susan (who is science geek girl like me) and JoAnn (currently driving me crazy with pictures of Hawaii) and so many others that just willingly and lovingly adopted me into the Colorado scene. Melissa, Chris, Laura, Suzanne and I formed the Southside Mile High Mamas (not a real thing) and have someone to call to meet at the local, um, establishment, when life gets a little too much to take. We have a gang sign and a token body guard. It’s how we roll.

More people came into my life as I was lucky enough to find Lori who truly kept me sane last year and, through her, Karin, who I will have the next 4 years of ups and downs with as our kids get through highschool.

Then my AZ-NV-CO sistah from another mistah moved here. She GETS me in the way that only someone who has traveled the same roads to get here can. I don’t spend near as much time with Jennifer as I want because she lives out in BFE (Beyond Far Egypt). Seriously, they live so far out there that they have an outhouse they just discovered on all their land.

Con’s school is a familiar community. It is run by many people who come from the same highschool we did. It is such a similar highschool experience to what he would have had in Phoenix. We could not be happier with Friday night football and dances.

My mom is just a mile away and I am getting used to having a little help. At first I honestly didn’t even know how to have someone help me. It’s nice, especially when she drops by with a Starbucks delivery.

And while I truly miss Vegas and my friends there, especially Janna, Cindy and Elizabeth (who I so neglect), home is where you turn the corner in Target and run into a friend or get an unexpected call to meet for coffee~just because!


Cha Cha Changes

Seems I have been everywhere on the net these days ‘cept here. So, what is up with me? Lots of business changes.

I sold The Coupon Cupboard but am staying on as the Blog Editor for a while so all the PR reps out there can keep sending me those awesome opps.

Have a fun post coming out Wednesday at Mom It Forward showing you our haunted house preparations. Look for it then.

I am blogging as the Wheeling TravelingMom on TravelMoms.com. I will be posting lots of fun places to visit and travel when someone in your family uses a wheelchair.

I am doing the project development on a really wonderful online project that I will share in the next few weeks.

Starting to work with the incredible Maya of Meme Tales on some cool stuff coming out for the Carter Bear Club.

Getting ready to throw an another awesome party with Mile High Mamas for the Jewels For Hope campaign with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Wrapping up Spina Bifida Awareness Month.

and trying to breathe…..