Doggy Angel

So, first, if you don’t know this about me, I believe in spirits, angels, guides, whatever you want to call them. I believe that we all have loving energies around us that help to guide us. Tonight’s events are just evidence of that…

We were being bad parents and eating in the living room watching tv with the kids (yeah, yeah, I know the family dinner statistics, the table was full of science materials from Carters new chemistry kit). It’s a fairly nice night out so we had the front door open to get the breeze through the screen. All of a sudden a lab walks right up to our front door. She was the sweetest thing with a pink collar and all of us had thoughts of Chardonnay.

Nala actually growled at her through the screen. Nala is a trained service dog. I don’t think I have ever heard Nala growl. Something unsettled her for sure.

Thankfully the young lab had a tag and I called her family. The mom was shocked we had her. More shocked when she realized where we were located. The family was in the same development but on a completely different end and across a major road. She had to have crossed a busy road in the pitch dark at a high traffic hour (well, for out here anyway).

The family rushed right over and a little girl jumped out of the car in tears and threw her arms around her ‘Tess”. The mom told me they had just moved in two weeks ago. The kids were doing homework and they had no idea the dog was gone. Thank God they had put a new tag on Tess when they first moved.

As they pulled away I was both smiling and crying. I am so happy the little girl got her lab back but she reminded me so much of Chard.

I still feel Chardonnays spirit around us and I just know she did what she always did and took care of another little pup tonight.


  1. Wow, Barb, your post made me cry.
    We lost our dog a year back and I still feel his presence around me.
    I know exactly how that must feel.
    So sorry for your loss, but what beautiful memories you and I have for the rest of our lives ! HUG

  2. Wow. So awesome that she made it safely to you. So awesome that you got her back to her people.

  3. Lots of goose bumps reading that story. what a warm and happy ending.