A Toast Is In Order…

Identifying mostly with our Irish ancestry, we would like to raise our glasses and hearts to the best Chardonnay of our time!

Chardonnay the White Lab

Our 13 year old white lab will be missed terribly by the grownups, the boys and dogs. Baxter, the cat, probably not so much.

So goodbye our sweetheart. You filled our home and hearts with many licks and kisses. You were there to be a walking buddy and our protector from fierce squirrels and fox. You knew when we just needed a place to rest our hand and think about life and when the boys needed a playmate. You knew your grandmother role to Nala was important in shaping her behaviors. You showed her how to be a loving part of a family, be close when needed, and to spring into activity when times called for it.You made me feel safe when Bob traveled as I knew your super-hearing would alert me should anything go wrong at night.

In dogs memory plaqueWe were lucky to have you be in our lives and we will always hold a place in our hearts and home for you. Carter painted your plaque from the vet and we strung it together with your tags and a pretty pink ribbon that is just perfect for you. We have your paw-print hanging right over your spot where I can still sense you hanging around with us. Nala and Buddy sense you still around as well. Buddy is more playful and less afraid than Nala, but still he can be seen looking for you. Nala went over to the corner with her tailed tucked after smelling your collar.

G0 play and be happy where your body won’t hurt. Let my dad through you the ball. Sooner or later we will all catch up to you and we will be so happy to have you make us feel welcome and safe once again!


  1. She was a gentel soul,well loved,she will be missed.

  2. Love labs and I’m sorry for your family’s loss. :-(

  3. She sounds like a great family member. I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. I’m so sorry hon. Losing a furry-footed friend is just heartbreaking. But I’ll join you in your toast!