I’m a Danger to Myself…

To what do you all owe the incredible honor of two blog posts in a day, you say? This was just too stupid to not share…

I decided to vacuum.

Cause with three HUGE dogs now it is sort of mandatory.

Vacuum wasn’t sucking anything up.

What did I do?

Stuck my foot under the head of it to see if I felt any suction.

Yeah, the roller things in the head were on at the time.

This is why I shouldn’t ever be asked to clean the house….

Cool Mom Heads Up on #XBOX Kinect

It’s easy to be a brand evangelist (ambassador? what are we calling it these days? How ’bout “this is is something cool you need to know about”?) for something that you truly love. When the wiifit came out I was all about it but as the kids say “that is so last year” and it IS. This XBOX blows anything else out on the market out of the water. It is just that freakin cool and cause I am your friend, and I don’t want you to be pulling your hair out trying to snipe a last minute ebay bid on it a week before Christmas consider this your heads up…..Not going to repost my whole review. You can go read it on BeTweenTalk. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you have XBOX heads like I do.

Disclosure: yes, this is a compensated relationship, yes, I really, really think this rocks my socks

For Real: I Was Attacked By Zombies

Last night I went to bed and found this note on my bed:

zombie intro note

I thought it was a joke from one of the boys. Until zombies started invading my front lawn. At first it was one or two but before I knew it there were tons of them. What was I supposed to do??? Not the type to scare away from zombies I grabbed my trusty pea shooter and took aim.  It was effective but not enough. Thank god I had my wild sunflowers to give me extra energy. One of them ate right threw my potatoes so I ran him over with my lawn mower. The one in the football outfit was tough but I eventually blew him up with a giant cucumber. Note: zombies in football pads are tougher than they look. A pea shooter just ain’t gonna cut it.

Then this guy named Crazy Dave showed up and he wanted to me to go bowling with walnuts and I was all like “that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen” and he was all mad so he sent a pole vaulting zombie after me which I squashed with a  chomper. Cause really, a pole vaulting zombie can clearly jump over a walnut. DUH!

I must have worn them out because at about 3:30 am I was able to sleep but I woke up to this taped to the fridge:

Dudes, seriously???? Bring it. Your first mistake was threatening to eat my ice cream!

I may or may not have been playing on my iPhone at the time. Also, I may or may not have had too many migraine meds in my system….