On Vacay

Yeah, I wish that’s where I was. Maybe if our Make A Wish comes through in time for Halloween I will be trick or treating on the beach :) You all know I have a lot going on and now I have to send my computer in for 2 weeks of work. Yes, we have 7 PC’s in this house but I am taking it as a sign I need to spend some quality time with the family. We find out for sure Wed. if Carter will need surgery. My mom is moving (and we are all helping) and this is Cons last summer before highschool officially starts. So, I am going to enjoy the sun, love my family, tweet and FB a bit, harvest crops on Farmville and generally kick back with my wonderful hubby. Hope you all get a little bit of the same. I will still be around and will have to post some of the stuff we are doing for PR’s sake but wanted to let you know I am downshifting for a bit. Make sure you have your email in the little box on the left so you get an email when I do decide to post :) Love ya! B


  1. have a good vacation, Barb! Rest and enjoy!