Need a BlogHer ’10 Ticket?

I have a full conference pass up for sale on Ebay with proceeds going to Make A Wish Foundation. I had a great time at BlogHer ’09 and I am so bummed to miss out this year. But I am really happy to be able to use the ticket to help MAW! I am also offering to transfer my tickets to parties in the auction as the hosts allow. Some of these parties have been sold out for months or are exclusive invites so keep watching the auction and as I get permission I will list them.

*Update on the auction*

So to clarify: the auction is now for

  • Full Conference Blogher10 Pass
  • New York City Mama’s Celebrity Wax Party
  • Sweets In The City Private Suite Drop in party
  • The Peoples Party
  • A Green Affair
  • Sparklecorn

and possibly two private events to come.

In related news…
Carter had an appointment today as a follow up to last week. They did the same procedure again and are going to give everything 2 weeks to see how it heals and then make any surgical decisions. *sigh* The waiting is the worst, especially when he has to stay in bed. They did say he can go to OT (Occupational Therapy) next week so he is happy about that. He loves going there. His MRI looked good from last week though :)

In other news…. I took the first step in the Make A Wish process. I googled our Colorado chapter and left a voicemail. I also filled out the online form. Summer is their busiest time so I don’t expect to hear anything right away. AND OH! Poor Janna! My good friend called me from Vegas this AM completely freaked out that I was doing putting a Wish in for Carter. Make A Wish is not just for terminal diagnosis’ anymore. I don’t think that many people realize that.  Our local chapter says: “The Foundation will consider the wish of any child with a life-threatening medical condition who lives anywhere in the state of Colorado and who has reached the age of 2-1/2 but has not yet had their 18th birthday”. We were actually told to apply by a Child Life specialist in Vegas but then we moved and life happened. I always felt like we shouldn’t put in for one because we are able to go on trips and things like that and lets face it, besides a house full of Build A Bears what more could Carter want?? Oh wait, we have a house full of Build A Bears (175 plus). But then he started talking about how he wants to go on a cruise…

Once upon a time Bob and I went on a cruise where we both got sick and were confined to our cabins with that they diagnosed as Norwalk. The cruise line was sweet enough (thanks Royal Caribbean) to give us vouchers for another cruise. But as the expiration date got closer and closer it was clear we weren’t going to be able to leave Carter. I decided to take Connor (my mom came too) and have some special time. Ever since then he has had it in his mind that he would go when he was old enough. Every year I try to plan it and every year something goes wrong. Heck it is hard enough planning a quick trip to Disneyland for me. Planning a cruise and all the details that go with that is just overwhelming. And while Make A Wish does some amazing things, the true blessing is that they take the stress and worry away from the parents and just make it possible to have a normal family experience. We are busy looking up places he may want to go on his magical ship if they call. Right now he is just focused on the one thing Connor told him years ago that never left his mind…

they bring room service for FREE whenever you want it and you can ask for chocolate chip cookies at breakfast!

Sounds like heaven to me!


  1. imtopsyturvy says:

    It does sound like heaven! I was also inspired by Make a wish at Evo. But I attended a different class so I'm not sure what to do next to volunteer! What an amazing way to give. I can't wait to hear about it as the process continues for you!

  2. Oh gosh. I don't know how anyone could have left Evo with a dry eye. Kleenex totally needs to sponsor that conference next year! I asked them to get in touch with you to answer your question. Hope it helps. I know that with the Summer of Wishes they are slammed and need ppl for all sorts of wish granting

  3. What? I didn't delete anything. Wacky, wacky ID!

  4. No kidding! Our row was all in tears! It makes me look at my on life challenges and say My life's really not that bad. I'm excited to find a way to help, and teach mt kids to help tpp!
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  5. Grrrrrrr- broken wrist = spelling errors!
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  6. Yikes. How did you break your wrist?

  7. fell down the stairs this morning! I guess talking and walking have become too difficult to do together!
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  8. I did that last week right before EVO. That was what my sprained ankle was from

  9. So sad I wont get to see you at Blogher… but also hoping Carter gets his wish! What a great thing you are doing to raise money for Make a Wish :)

  10. i'm sad not to be seeing you at the conference this year, but think it's amazing that you're donating the money from selling it! I'll be thinking about Carter and your family. A cruise would be tons of fun for him I'm sure!
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  11. I know. I will so miss you too—send Sharpies :) Oh, hey want to donate a party ticket to your suite to the deal?

  12. Liz—I miss you (both seeing you and working with you)! How is married life treating you?

  13. Me too!! Hopefully we can do a fun project together soon. Married life is great. Luke is a wonderful husband.
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  14. Good luck with your auction! My family are big supporters of the Make A Wish Foundation. My son Jumby, just got his wish two months ago. It's an amazing charity. We are very grateful to them.
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  15. What was his wish? Did you blog it on your site? Would love to read it

  16. Yay!!! For the makeawish thing.. not that he needs it? Why didn't I get the full scoop when I had you in person??

    Okay I'll share the word about your blogher ticket.. DANG! tho… wish you were coming??

  17. I think Make A Wish is an amazing organization and it's so cool that you are putting a wish in with them. I hope that ticket sells for a ton of money!