I Didn’t Want To Love You

credit to Farmville Market

Dear Farmville,

I am angry with you. You knew I was weak with¬† the boredom of a kid on bed rest and my favorite laptop off getting fixed. Yet you didn’t care. You lured me in with your promise of a pixel perfect life. You offered me shiny apples and adorable little animals. As our relationship grew you gave me a house, a wedding gazebo and even a winery. Honestly, what was I supposed to do? What girl could walk away from such fine gifts? I have always been a sucker for flowers and here you were giving me bunches every hour.¬† I was flattered. I felt special. Then I found out you were giving lots of girls these special ‘mystery gifts’. And still I couldn’t leave you. Even when I knew that each time I leveled up it was just another notch on your proverbial belt. This relationship has to change. It isn’t healthy for either one of us. I know you promised at level 30 I could get the mansion but I just don’t feel right about this. I have children. Sure, they would rather me stay with you. They are more than happy that mom is preoccupied fertilizing her crops but how long can this really last? We both know it has to end sometime. The longer we drag it out the harder it will be on both of us. We can still be friends. I will always care for you. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Your Friend,


PS…just saw you are going to give me a shiny red pick up truck. I always was a sucker for trucks. Maybe we can work something out but you have to stop being so demanding, OK?

PSS… don’t ya hate it when a post won’t stop swirling around in your head at night? I’m still on vacation, I’m still on vacation, I’m still on vacation :)


  1. OMG! You are so hilarious! I’ve never played and I don’t even want to get started. I’m willing you back from the dark side, Barb. :-)

  2. Same here, never got started. It sounds way too addicting for me. I have enough addictions as is. Thanks so my children , LOST is my time consuming summer obsession.

  3. haha. Thanks for that! It was totally cute. I finally decided to stop playing farmville because all us girls now how demanding he is! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I noticed you stopped by because you appeared on my Blog Frog widget. Nice to meet you and I hope you stop by again real soon.
    Julie @ Bunches of Bargains