Why I Am Not Going To Become a Drug Addict

Jenny, the Bloggess, has officially saved me from a life of drugs and for that we must all thank her!

I was catching up on my feeds and since she is one of my favorites I actually went to look and see what I missed last week from her. Thank god I did. She had posted something truly life changing.

I had been thinking about turning to drugs with all of the recent stress in my life but when I went and saw what I would look like as a drug addict in 20 years I put the pill bottles down!

This is me on drugs circa 2030. I do like the high cheekbones though.

Thank god for Jenny because I will instead look like this!

Damn it all to hell anyway because by 2040 it's useless.

Have you visited the site? Take my advice and DON’T! It is really flipping depressing…unless of course you need a reason to stay off drugs. Then by all meansĀ  visit it!


  1. WOW I'm glad you turned away from temptation, close call!

  2. And here I thought that would be a great way to lose 20 lbs… I guess not. Just joking. The real life photos are even more disturbing.
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  3. So, wait, are you saying the unchanged photos of me are the most disturbing? Cause I may just go shoot myself now if that is the case

  4. Oh, gosh, no! I meant the "scared straight" pics they show of meth addicts. Not your lovely "before" shot!
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  5. Pheeewwww……you had me worried!

  6. Have you seen the faces of meth campaign from a few years ago? You'd look much worse in mere months! Those are some sad faces!
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  7. Whoa- you are brave. I am now trying to figure out if it's worse to wonder how bad my picture will be…or to just know. This will be the problem of the night:)

    PS. The high cheekbones were pretty killer;)
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