The 411

Let’s see who was paying attention during last weeks PR Monday when I said that I was posting it every other week during the summer……cause this ain’t no PR post.

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all those awesome dads! Hope my father-in-law had a wonderful day. I tried to make sure that Bob did as well but like he always does, he turned it around to make a nice day for me. We went out and bought a bunch of new flowers for my dads memorial garden area and finally placed his urn out with the new tree we planted for him. I cried a bit, I laughed a bit but mostly I just enjoyed being creative offline. Here is a pic. It doesn’t look like much now but by next year I am sure it will be bloomin beautiful (then we will probably move, lol)

I made Bob the Paula Deen french bread casserole recipe. I did it all by myself! Which explains why there were raw eggs still in the middle. The edges were yummy though. Progress!

For his gift we got him a professional deep fryer. He really wanted one. Sad, but true! I made sure and got the oil and chicken wings too. Wouldn’t want a melt down like at Christmas when parents forget the batteries! He was like a 4 year old girl with his first Easy Bake oven. I think he may start frying everything not nailed down. So much for my recent 10 lbs weight loss.

I am looking forward to going to Park City this weekend. Rooming with my ultra chic buddy Complicated Mama in a swanky two bedroom suite. It will be really nice to get away! Although it is my first flight since I became addicted to LOST so that out to be interesting.

Little guy has a string of appointments over the next few days. Not much else is going on…


  1. Did I hear you made a Paula Deene recipe? … was that from her kids cookbook she suggested you try? ;)

    Looking forward to livin the "Suite" Life at EVO this week! Its been too long! :)
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