Perspective From the Wicked Witch


*Republishing since it is feels timely*

I have waited for years for the chance to see Wicked, so H1 (yes, it is running through our house) be damned, I was NOT going to flake out on tickets that we got 6 months ago to go see it! If you have not seen or heard of Wicked, it is a Broadway musical based on the book written in 1995 by Gregory Maguire that tells the untold story of the witches of OZ!

While the musical is funny and fabulous it is also very thought provoking, to me in any case. As the story of Elphaba unfolded I kept thinking about how many times I have played the part of the Wicked Witch. I thought of all the Wicked Witches that played central parts in my stories through the years, perhaps not even knowing about their character. And as a society, how many times a person is spun into that role without any of us taking much time to examine the back story. It seems we are so quick to point fingers and cast blame without scratching the surface to see how others may be viewing the same  story.

While I really, really enjoyed the play and encourage all of you to see it I have to say that the Wicked Witches perspective was a golden gift I took away from it. I am going to try my hardest to try to see her perspective the next time someone shows up auditioning for that part in one of my stories.¬† I can try for just one second to see the role I may be playing in her story. And if I can’t change the perspective at least I can exit stage left and know that it was not really a part I auditioned for. And, if worse, comes to worse and I have to play the role of the Wicked Witch I will realize that sometimes you can’t change everyone’s perspective, and I will aim, at that point, for a standing ovation, because sometimes there is no other choice than to play the part you are cast the best you can!

*and sadly, in this age of FTC regs, I feel compelled to disclose that I was IN NO WAY compensated for discussing Wicked on my blog*

The 411

Let’s see who was paying attention during last weeks PR Monday when I said that I was posting it every other week during the summer……cause this ain’t no PR post.

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all those awesome dads! Hope my father-in-law had a wonderful day. I tried to make sure that Bob did as well but like he always does, he turned it around to make a nice day for me. We went out and bought a bunch of new flowers for my dads memorial garden area and finally placed his urn out with the new tree we planted for him. I cried a bit, I laughed a bit but mostly I just enjoyed being creative offline. Here is a pic. It doesn’t look like much now but by next year I am sure it will be bloomin beautiful (then we will probably move, lol)

I made Bob the Paula Deen french bread casserole recipe. I did it all by myself! Which explains why there were raw eggs still in the middle. The edges were yummy though. Progress!

For his gift we got him a professional deep fryer. He really wanted one. Sad, but true! I made sure and got the oil and chicken wings too. Wouldn’t want a melt down like at Christmas when parents forget the batteries! He was like a 4 year old girl with his first Easy Bake oven. I think he may start frying everything not nailed down. So much for my recent 10 lbs weight loss.

I am looking forward to going to Park City this weekend. Rooming with my ultra chic buddy Complicated Mama in a swanky two bedroom suite. It will be really nice to get away! Although it is my first flight since I became addicted to LOST so that out to be interesting.

Little guy has a string of appointments over the next few days. Not much else is going on…

You’re So Vain…

*You probably think this post is about you* Oh wait, it is….

I seriously needed that. Thank you, Lori! And thanks to all my awesome friends who read the blog. You never comment but I love you anyway.

PS—I would rather talk to you all in person anyway so it is OK you don’t comment.