Chillaxin and Contemplating…

We are back from the 5 day mouse extravaganza. Photos, tips and a cool look at Disneyland’s Club33 coming at you in the near future.

I didn’t post yesterday cause, well, to be honest I didn’t feel like it. If you missed my PR Monday posting, I would suggest that you read Darren Rowse’s article on Turning Annoying Pitches into Opportunity. He said exactly what I was thinking, only much better.

Speaking of not feeling like posting. I have the blogging blues. I have had them before but this time it is different. I need to change. For my sanity and my kids. The kiddos are getting very sensitive to the stuff I have posted about them. I totally understand. We live in a day where if your mom blogs your entire school could end up reading about all the problems you had potty training (no, you can’t find that here). Plus, I find that I have a lot more to say these days. Repeat, I have a lot more to say. They don’t. They want me to shut up and stop embarrassing them. Well, Carter still likes the Carterism’s section but I have to wonder how much longer that will last….

I want to expand my wings, be funnier, freer, a little more controversial (not much but I have opinions ya know?). So, do I re-brand and start over?  just remove the stuff the kids want gone and stay here? stop blogging? honestly would anyone care if I did stop (not fishing for compliments, ok, well maybe a little ego boosting wouldn’t hurt)? My head hurts from all this wondering what to do….give me some advice please!


  1. Don't stop blogging! Take a blogging break this summer, figure out what you really want to write about. If you feel like you want to start over, do it. But I've had too many friends delete their blog, only to later regret it.
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  2. Thanks Amber. I wouldn't delete it but will probably go in and unpublish some of the more personal kid posts. I just don't know if I am going to change what you get here (not that I know what that is anymore, lol) is it better to have my own new venue or stick with the time tested identity and start changing the blogs personality?

  3. Maybe you already do this on one of your other sites, but you could do more of the advice for bloggers like you do on PR Mondays. I would eat that up, and I think others would too!
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  4. I recently went through this dilemma, too. I decided to keep the blog and shift focus a bit.

    You are a valuable voice to me, and I'm sure to others. I hope you continue blogging in some way. I will follow you!
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  5. Id miss you if you stopped blogging Barb!… but FYI- as I clearly proved– "controversial" isnt always fun and games… or maybe you didnt mean "bashing" your in laws lol… seriously- bashing in laws? who does that?? {{cough cough}}

    Seriously though… I feel you 110%.. I feel the need to start over sometimes— to go back to being more "anonymous-ish"

    I love your posts though- just the way they are… I say stay here its your home :)

  6. I say transition this space into what feels right to you. You already have a strong foundation so I think it would be relatively seamless to change the direction and/or look without having to start over from the ground up.
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    • Thanks. Both you and Corine made me feel a little better about the direction I am thinking. I do like my space here. I could redecorate a bit but start posting more towards helping bloggers, moms, and charities reach their goals.

  7. I can fully understand that your kids don't want you to write too much about them. It's the same with my teenagers. But there are lots of things to write about – I'm sure you will find lots of interesting topics. I like your writing style – would be sad if you would stop writing.
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  8. Seems like some of these blogging conferences are very motivational, so maybe you'll get your second wind after attending some conferences this summer. Like you say, write about what you're passionate about and it seems that not only you, but your audience is thriving on the PR Mondays. So continuing in that direction with your special guest poster, tips, advice, and answering FAQs might be something to think about. Whatever you decide, please don't give up blogging, you are SO good at what you do and besides, we all love ya!:D


    Blogging is what you do so well. TAKE A BREAK but donn't give up your passion for writing .

  10. Love your blog layout! It's friggin' awesome-ness! Have a great weekend.

  11. You better not stop Barb! You're my top go-to blogger to work with. I'd be lost without you. :)


    You can always write about the antic of the senior world . Remember you will have so much material in a few months.