Butts, Cemeteries, Chick-Fil-A and Other Random Weirdness

Today the latest Twilight movie opens yet it was apparently way better to share the news that my butt is still out of shape. Thanks USA Today! Cause today wasn’t weird enough. I needed my butt to be the cover story.  The least you could have done is linked to me since you found me through my review of Skechers Toning Shoes. Guess I won’t hold out any hope that they will be sponsoring my next blog conference. Perhaps I should contact Nike now.

For those of you who missed my butts 15 minutes of fame:

Barb  of Denver says she considers her toning shoes a “cute gimmick.”

Her Shape-ups help to strengthen her calf muscles, she says, but did nothing to tone her butt and thighs. Even though they are her “most comfortable pair of shoes,” she says she regrets spending $120 on them.

As for Skechers trying to persuade men to buy them, well, good luck with that.

“My husband would not be caught dead in these things,” Barb says.

In other weirdness Carter had a minor surgical procedure today. It was B L O O D Y. Surprisingly after all we have been through I still can’t handle the sight of blood. He asked them not to put him out cause he can’t feel that part of his body anyway. Do you know how bizarre it is to see your kid essentially being operated on while they are talking to you about Club Penguin? Speaking of sponsors, Carter can’t get out of bed except to go to the doctor for the next 5-6 weeks so if all you pr fairies could send movies, wine and ice cream I would appreciate it. I may let Carter share too–except for the wine cause that would be completely inappropriate.

And the hopefully last of my strange day. I pulled into Chick-Fil-A and realized it is right next to a cemetery. A cemetery is in the middle of a strip mall. What the ….?  And how have I not ever noticed this before???? How do these location experts still have a job?

Why I Am Not Going To Become a Drug Addict

Jenny, the Bloggess, has officially saved me from a life of drugs and for that we must all thank her!

I was catching up on my feeds and since she is one of my favorites I actually went to look and see what I missed last week from her. Thank god I did. She had posted something truly life changing.

I had been thinking about turning to drugs with all of the recent stress in my life but when I went and saw what I would look like as a drug addict in 20 years I put the pill bottles down!

This is me on drugs circa 2030. I do like the high cheekbones though.

Thank god for Jenny because I will instead look like this!

Damn it all to hell anyway because by 2040 it's useless.

Have you visited the site? Take my advice and DON’T! It is really flipping depressing…unless of course you need a reason to stay off drugs. Then by all means  visit it!

PR Monday: What A Rep Wants

PR advice for mom bloggers O M G- I just returned from the best blog conference I have ever attended, EVO10 and I have so much to share with you all about PR, brands, relationships and the evolution of this wild, wild west atmosphere we are all currently in. There were so many brilliant speakers and one on one conversations that I had and I promise to keep sharing those this summer but this is a conversation that I had with a very lovely, smart and genuine pr rep, Karie Reynolds at Grand Avenue PR. We shared a shuttle back to the airport so keep in mind I was running on a lack of coffee so  this is at best paraphrased.

  • Make Your Pitches Relevant- As bloggers we constantly moan and groan about the completely irrelevant pitches we get sent. Apparently some reps feel the same way, completely contradicting the advice I once gave. Thus, proving the evolution of our world. Do your homework. Most reps work with many brands. Tell them specifically what clients and products you want to work with and why. For example

My name is ____________, I blog at __________________. I am having a new baby and writing about my experience. I have seen the new ______________ made by __________________ and would like to try it out. Are you currently sending out samples?

  • Your Offline Reach Is Important! USE IT!- You may be new to blogging and your stats aren’t overly impressive. Do you lead a moms group? PTA president? Church group? What are you doing offline? Using the above example tell the rep where that product is going to be seen. Reps realize that stats aren’t always the most important indicator of your reach and nothing replaces their product getting in real life (IRL) exposure.
  • Forget The Old Model of Review- Your readers are most likely tuning out your posts that are just a review of a product (unless you run a specific review blog). Let’s face it, they recognize it as a commercial. So the trick is to incorporate that product into your existing posts. Take a look at my Boot Camp post and how at the end I included a movie I was sent to review. What I would do differently now after talking to Karie is that instead of including the street date (which is important to that particular company) I would link to their site with the press release. The value in me mentioning that to the brand is that my readers now know it is out again. No one is going to mark their calendars and rush out to buy it on that actual date.
  • Help A Rep Out- Be a connector in this space. This is totally something I practice. If I get sent a pitch that just doesn’t work for me but I have a relationship with the rep I will try to connect them with a blogging friend that will work. It’s the Pitch Posse effect. I actually think I may try to post more of these when I have permission in the Blog Star community so watch for them.

What do you think of these tips? Anything you are going to try?