PR Monday: Have a Pitch Posse?

I do and I couldn’t make it without them!

What the heck is a pitch posse you ask?

My terms for ‘my girls’….the ones who hook me up with pitches they are doing or need to pass on.

My pitch posse knows who they are so need to out them but my goodness they hook me up. Hint: look at the pic :)

So, do you have a pitch posse?


You need to get one.


Find some other bloggers that are about on the same ‘level’ as you but are a little different. Two of my posse gals have kids younger than me and one has girls. So, when I get a pitch that is good, but not really a good fit for me, I pass it right on to them. They do the same.

A word of caution: know those in your pitch posse well enough to stick your neck out for them. There is nothing more embarrassing than recommending someone and having them totally flake.

Be a good posse member…regularly pass on pitches and believe me your circle and good karma continues to grow.

Find bloggers not as experienced as you. Get that pitch you would have jumped on 6 months ago but are now too busy for? Pass it on.

Be a connector in this web and you will reap benefits beyond the one time pitch.

Need to connect with other bloggers? The Blog Frog is a great place to do that. Head over and join. It is free!


  1. Totally agree, BlogFrog is a great way to connect with other bloggers and get into some great discussion. Energizer Bunny, too cute!
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  2. A Pitch Posse – hmmm who'd a'thunk it? I need a Pitch Posse! Thank you for the great tip!!!
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  3. Great and helpful post…my question as a newer blogger is…where are the best places to start receiving pitches? I've found a few resources but nothing that's seemed all that great. Thanks !:)

  4. Thanks for the great article. I always see you and DelightfulToni with great reviews and giveaways, and this answers a lot of the questions I had. I would love to get see some of the pitches you are too busy for.
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    • Thanks. That is very sweet. This is a whole series so there is a ton of advice. Read through the past PR Monday posts and watch for the new ones each Monday :)