PR Monday: PR VS. Advertising

Last week I complained about irrelevant pitches and why I think bloggers should start using the NO word. I got a few emails. Just a few but enough to make me want to clarify the difference in my mind (which is a scary place to be) and when the situation warrants you charging.

I want you to say NO when you are being used for free advertising with no personal gain to you.

I do not charge for every pitch I do! If someone approaches me with a pitch that is relevant to my blog, I am interested in or truly think you would be, I happily accept it. NO CHARGE. That is PR! That is the two way street “Win-Win” I am always preaching about here. Kinds of pitches that fall into that category for Elementary Spirits: educational games, science info,  and experiences I can share.

BUT, if I am approached with a pitch that is irrelevant, I am not interested in and I know you wouldn’t be either than in my way of thinking they are asking to use my platform to spread their advertising. That is when I would charge! Kinds of pitches that fall into this category for me are:” tell your readers about our contest” and “our newest product that has nothing to do with families.”

I just want to add in that there is absolutely a way to work with PR organically and not sacrifice your blog space. I have long said I do a ton of movie reviews. I love movies and only review ones that I would go out and buy so to me that is on “Win-Win” street. Take a look at how I incorporated the movie into this post. Brilliant if I do say so myself. OK, maybe not brilliant but you get the point that I incorporated it into my normal blog flow.

It’s a balancing act but put  simply: PR benefits my blog and friends, advertising benefits only my bank account. Make sense?

“Man”-staches and Me

This morning I asked Bob to teach Con how to shave using a razor. Connor has been shaving at least a year now but uses an electric shaver. I have asked him all week to shave and his response is that he can’t find his razor since we redid everything downstairs.

So, I have had enough of that and informed Bob that he needs to teach his son to use a razor so there are no excuses anymore. I threw in the line “…and teach Carter too, he really needs to start shaving” (although I really only want him to use an electric one at this point). Carter, who has super hero hearing if his name is mentioned and is deaf any other time, yells….”NO! I am not shaving my manstache“. I answer, “oh, yes you are, we told you and your brother no facial hair to you are at least 16” (Connor can’t anyway for highschool) Carter’s response…

That is not fair. You get to have a mustache


The Eagles: Assisted Living Tour

Want to feel young again? Get some tickets to go see the Eagles. I guarantee if you are under 50 you will feel like a child again.

More than half the people rockin the Mosh Pit (so 80′s of me) had walkers or canes.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a teensy bit but not all that much, I swear.

I knew I was in trouble when the woman next to me started air guitaring. No kidding. This at least 60 year old lady who looked so conservative she might be trying for a seat on Supreme Court starts friggin’ air guitaring. She was wearing an outfit straight out of the Talbots conservative line.  I about spit my drink out it was so hilarious. But that would have been a waste of a good margarita and my conscious just couldn’t allow it.

Don Henley will be 63 this summer. Madonna is 50. Crap, even Jon Bon Jovi is pushing 50.

I don’t know if other people play this little mind trick on themselves but I do. I still see myself as a teenager (hence the limited amounts of mirrors I look in). Therefore, all of my favorite  musicians should be too. Do you do that? or am I the only weird one who thinks time is standing still?

I knew it was all going to hell in a hand-basket when Kid Rock incorporated Sweet Home Alabama as a days gone by song. He is a year younger than me.

and speaking volumes of the age of the crowd last night, when I left I got a coupon to see

We are going to see U2 in a few weeks. I am thinking about borrowing one of Carters wheelchairs just so I fit in :)