TV Shows I Want to See Return

I was just told by Laura that I am old. :P

SO, in honor of my 38th birthday coming next week, we are going to go Old School on the blog until then starting with some of my favorite TV shows growing up. Except I left off old re-runs of I Love Lucy. Cause I do. Love Lucy, that is.


  1. You are not OLD you're just mature! LoL

  2. Laura aka LaLaGirl says:

    Love. Love, love, love. And I had to mouse over your "Laura" link, because I KNEW I didn't call you old! Our birthdays are so close together – you're ten days shy of being a year older than me!
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  3. I wish i lived near you and this Laura would so go out for birthday drinks this weekend…my birthday is April 23rd close enough right??

  4. I tell ya what. I will have one for you!

  5. Thats sounds great but….. still wish i was near =(

  6. Ohhh just a few of my favorites! Love doing the sticky notes for this!
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  7. Hart to Hart, I use to love watching that with my mom. Note to TV Land bring it back!

  8. I used to love love love Simon and Simon when I was younger. I had such a crush on the older Simon. Too funny
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    • AJ was the older, blond one right? I had a huge crush on him too and Ricky Schroder (sp?) and the guy who played Bo on Dukes of Hazard, and…..

  9. I love all those also, need to post some on my flash back TV post.

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  10. I love all those also, need to post some on my flash back TV post.

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  11. A-Team all the way… I think they made a movie or am I nutz?
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  12. 38! See, you are much younger than me. I want to take you out for a drink…let me know what day works for you. We have similar taste in oldie TV shows. I Love Lucy is my all time favorite though. Were you a Bonanza girl? I loved Michael Landon even bac then!
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    • Not Bonzana but Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorites. This has turned out to be a fun post with all the flash backs. Just wait til you all see tomorrows

  13. A Team yes … Murder She Wrote? Say what? My birthday is next week too- Monday the 29th :-) Oh, and what's a forum anyway?And now I'm following you- stop by my place when you can!
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  14. I used to watch, "Happy Days" too. "Laverne and Shirley" "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Three's company" were also favs.

    I haven't really loved a show since "Seinfeld"

  15. Hahaha Have you been in my head? How about The Facts of Life? And Dynasty? Maybe we can throw in some Dallas too?
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  16. Happy Birthday (next week)! You can't be old because I'm (13 dadgum years) older than you are and I am NOT OLD yet! :) Great stickies!

  17. LOL! Thanks. I know! I was shocked to hear that I am old!

  18. I'm a little older than you… Do you remember Saturday morning shows and after school cartoons?
    Sigmund and the Sea Monster, HR Puffinstuff, UltraMan, Marine Boy, Land of the Lost, JabberJaws…
    Please say you have heard of these so I don't feel as ancient as my 6 kids tell me I am! LOL!

    Oh and wanted to know what is, and how does one become, a professional blogger?

    Saw your comment on The Bloggess and had to check it out… very nice~

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    40 mid way-50 starting the slide-60 for getting your shoes-70 just getting old-80 now your there.-so let it slide,go barefoot,cover all mirrors from neck up.,80 brag that you made it this far .ENJOY WHAT WE HAVE IT IS GREAT TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!