Go Away Snow

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I ♥ Mile High Mamas Mom It Forward

For almost a year now I have been the President of Mom It Forward Colorado and I love, love, love our group. We have an amazing partnership with Mile High Mamas and get together approx. every 6 weeks for some super cool events.

The mission of Mom It Forward is to “Changing the World One Mom at a Time”. We get together, support causes, but mostly have fun and support each other.

It occurred to me at our party last night that we have a ton of new bloggers joining us and I would love the chance to visit everyone’s virtual home. Part of being in the #gno (our Mom It Forward hashtag) is the chance to be not only be part of an amazing local group but a bigger, national organization. So, if you are not here in CO, leave me a comment and I will try to hook you up with your local chapter.

If you are in CO, please leave a link to the homepage of your blog in the linky below so we can all get to know each other better! I challenge all the MHM/MIF to visit at least three blogs that are new to you and reach out to say hi!

Happy St. Patricks Day 2010

Since this is above all an educational blog (no, not really) I thought you might find this debunkers quite enlightening (no, not really, but it is funny)

And now for something true (really) that may be educational (or at least fun).

Did you know that the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has little leprechauns hidden in the paintings? It’s true, I swear. The artist hid them around the exhibits and was even fired for it at one point. Here is one we found. Have you ever seen it? Have the kids look really hard next time. Here is a cheat sheet for you grownups.

Leprechaun at Denver Museum Nature and Science